A Twist on a Child’s Snack Bowl

Parents are natural problem solvers while children are inherently messy. When Melinda and Brad Shepard’s son kept spilling his Cheerios, they searched for a way to give their son the freedom to carry his food around, without the need for constant clean up. When they couldn’t find anything, Brad, an engineer, worked with his local community college to create a prototype, then brought it to Enventys to turn it into a spill-resistant snack bowl for on-the-go toddlers everywhere.


User-Driven Industrial Design + Product Development

The Gyro Bowl needed to appeal to both toddlers and parents alike, so the design and the brand were crucial. Our industrial design and engineering teams set out to take the Shepard’s prototype and turn it into something parents would appreciate and toddlers could use, and that could be mass-produced and sold in stores.
Our industrial design and engineering teams conceived the bowl-within-a-bowl concept and got to work creating a series of functioning prototypes. Taking inspiration from space, they developed a Saturn-shaped, patented design. Then, the team built a concept model to ensure that the prototype worked as intended, then created a 3D model, an alpha prototype and so on, iterating the prototypes until the design was perfect.
Then, the creative team created a story surrounding the product. They ran with the playful, cosmic theme and a bold logo, brand, package, advertising campaign and website were born under the Gyro Bowl name. The product’s branding was playful for children to enjoy, but sophisticated enough to grab parents’ attention.


Millions of Units Sold Across the Globe

The Gyro Bowl debuted in a television infomercial, and rolled out into all major retail locations nationwide soon after. The Enventys Partners’ public relations team secured top coverage in traditional and non-traditional media channels, including top outlets such as Parenting, FitPregnancy, Disney’s FamilyFun and American Baby. To date the Gyro Bowl has sold millions and can be found in over 10 international countries.

PR efforts continued to yeiled exposure for the Gyro Bowl into 2016.