About Enventys Partners

Learn more about Enventys Partners: a full-service product launch company that handles all aspects of product development, crowdfunding and ecommerce marketing.

Enventys Partners is the only

full-service, turnkey

Product Launch Agency

We combine start-to-finish, all-encompassing product development services with ecommerce marketing expertise to create innovative products and bring them to market, providing entrepreneurs and companies with a one-stop solution for all of their go-to-market needs.

We have helped file more than 750 patents, launched hundreds of products and built dozens of companies from the ground up. We have raised over $300 million through crowdfunding and helped hundreds of companies streamline their digital marketing strategy.

The Enventys Partners Story

Since 2001, we’ve worked hard to climb our way to the top of the product development, crowdfunding and ecommerce marketing industries.

Now, as a global leader in product development and marketing for more than 15 years, with offices in the US and in Asia, we’re positioned as the leading product launch agency.

We design, prototype, source, crowdfund, and market new products and startup businesses, providing entrepreneurs and companies with a one-stop solution for all of their go-to-market needs.

To date, we have raised more than $300 million for clients through crowdfunding and have been involved in the development, prototyping, launching and marketing of over 2,000 products.

Enventys Founded


Everyday Edisons Launches


Enventys Acquires Inventors Digest


Command Partners Founded


Command Partners Works With First Kickstarter Project


Command Partners’ First Product, Soundbender Tablet Audio Amplifier, Appears on Entrepreneurial Show, Shark Tank


Command Partners Gets Bunch O Balloon Kickstarter Campaign on National TV


Command Partners Works With First Equity Crowdfunding Campaign


Command Partners Acquires Art of the Kickstart Podcast


Enventys and Command Partners Merge To Form Enventys Partners


Enventys Partners Helps File 700th Patent


ProductHype Launches


Enventys Partners Works With Start100 To Launch 5 Projects


Enventys Partners Begins On-Site Additive Manufacturing


Enventys Partners Launches First In-House Product, Caiman Hat Clips


Enventys Partners Launches OYO Nova Gym, the Most Funded Fitness Product on Kickstarter


Enventys Partners Becomes a Mailchimp Pro Partner


Enventys Partners Surpasses $300M in Capital Raised Through Crowdfunding


Enventys Partners Launches 2,000th Product


We Bring Great Products To Life.

As a team of designers, engineers, marketers and crowdfunders, we’re driven to achieve success for our clients launching new products.


Clients on Shark Tank

Million-Dollar Crowdfunding Campaigns

New Businesses Launched