Pre-Launch Lead Generation

We don’t just manage your crowdfunding campaign launch, we build the foundation for a strong campaign and a lasting business.

We Set Your Project Up For Success With Our Pre-Launch Marketing Services.

Through a multipronged approach, we seal the foundation for your crowdfunding campaign, and inevitably, your product’s life, with our pre-launch marketing activities. Through a variety of lead generation campaigns and overall brand awareness tactics, we know how to prepare your fans and future backers for your crowdfunding campaign launch.

Generate A Buzz And Get Everything In Place Before Your Big Crowdfunding Launch.

Our years of experience in lead generation marketing have allowed us to create techniques and strategies for successful pre-launch marketing activities. Without a successful pre-launch phase of your campaign, it becomes much harder to produce a fruitful crowdfunding campaign. First, we build a landing page based on our proven and tested template. With the landing page, we build and test Facebook Ad messaging and secure audiences while building your social media following. As we collect leads from the landing page, we keep them incubated until launch day with our proven email marketing tactics. Finally, we take what we learn from landing page and Facebook Ad messaging and apply it to your campaign page development to ensure that we’re using campaign strategies that convert.

Successful Campaigns

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