Live Crowdfunding Campaign Support

Already launched and in need of marketing support for your live crowdfunding campaign? Enventys Partners’ team of channel-specific marketing experts can help!

  • Improve and scale your advertising performance
  • Generate additional press
  • Get featured in emails that go out to interested crowdfunding backers.

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Crowdfunding consumer products through Kickstarter and Indiegogo is our specialty.

With a specific portfolio focused on consumer home and electronics, games, fitness, fashion, travel, and outdoor products, we bring unmatched industry experience, cutting-edge methodologies, and proprietary consumer insights. We also have the ability to advertise directly to millions of past-backers—segmenting and tailoring audiences to fit your product’s ideal consumer profile.

What To Expect

Total Transparency & Performance-Based Commissions

With a small, one-time setup fee and performance-based price structure, you won’t face any surprise costs. Because we use a proprietary and proven link-tracking system, it’s easier than ever for you to monitor sales as they come in. You’ll also have total access to all of the same analytics dashboards we reference to gauge performance and make decisions about ad spend. Down the road, you’ll have the ability to leverage all the data and expertise you gained from working with us in future marketing efforts.

We pride ourselves on real-time transparency. You’ll know exactly what we’re doing, why we’re doing it and where each dollar is spent, every step of the way.

Flexibility & Experience

Having run our first Kickstarter project back in 2009 with over 1,500 campaigns managed to-date, no one has more experience than us in crowdfunding-specific marketing.

As a Meta Business Partner and MailChimp Pro Partner—in addition to having personal relationships with every reputable online publication—Enventys Partners is a known entity. Our staff is 100% full-time and 100% in-house. We don’t outsource any work we do, and you’ll have a direct relationship with the experts working on your campaign.

As there’s no “one-size-fits-all” strategy for live crowdfunding success, we have a dynamic and agile team ready to tailor a strategy that will not only address your needs but add value to your campaign. We offer flexible terms and do not mandate exclusivity. We want working together to be as simple as possible.

Long-Term Vision & Post-Crowdfunding Opportunities

We are so much more than just your average crowdfunding marketing agency—we are experts at generating online buzz that converts into online sales. Period.

Not only will we improve your live campaign; we also offer an array of post-crowdfunding ecommerce solutions to help you scale after the campaign.

Most other agencies want to devote as little time into your campaign as possible while making the most amount of money. Unlike them, we position ourselves to help you long term.

We’ve built and launched our own products and thus know your crowdfunding launch is the critical first step of many on the road to future ecommerce success. With this unique perspective on your bigger business picture, we manage campaigns, brands, and our client relationships in a way that delivers lasting success.

Meta Business Partner

Our Facebook Success Stories

See what Facebook has to say about our work

Antonia Saint New York

Antonia Saint New York is a line of women’s heels and flats made to feel like sneakers on the inside. See the full Facebook for Business case study.


AXS Technologies

AXS Technologies, a technology design company, has developed a broad portfolio of patents as well as a series of products, such as Power1, that provide solutions to device charging, storage and protection. See the full Facebook for Business case study.

“We brought to market a new, innovative product with a unique and disruptive value proposition, and educated women on what was wrong with the current products. We communicated this message so effectively with Facebook that we exceeded our funding goal by 3,690%! Within 40 days, we raised over $1.8 million in pre-orders, and found 7,000 customers from around the world.”
Antonia Saint Dunbar

Antonia Saint Dunbar Co-founder and CEO, Antonia Saint New York

Campaigns We’ve Worked On

Ohm’s Quest – Escape Room Console

Amount Raised:


% of funding goal raised

MULTO | Your own kitchen farm.

Amount Raised:


% of funding goal raised

Canairi® – Fresh Air Monitor™

A CO2 monitor designed to improve the indoor air quality of your home

Amount Raised:


6422% of funding goal raised

Wild Fire 4-in-1 Grill

Traditional Grill | Asado-Style Grill | Pizza Oven | Warmer | Charcoal & Wood-fired | Portable

Amount Raised:


482% of funding goal raised

Nebia Towels

The world’s first towel created from a breakthrough upcycled textile. Everything you want from a towel, and more.

Amount Raised:


671% of funding goal raised

AnkerMake M5 3D Printer

Amount Raised:


% of funding goal raised

Haven Safari

Hang as a hammock | Pitch as a bivy | Patented lay-flat design | Comfort & durability | Making sleep the highlight of camping

Amount Raised:


2011% of funding goal raised

WaterBear: A Teeny Cleaning Tool for Every Lens & Screen.

Universal Glass Cleaners. Safely clean any lens/screen/monitor. Conveniently stick to any surface/device. Washable. Reusable.

Amount Raised:


5711% of funding goal raised

Most Comfortable Boxers On Earth | SVBS

Experience Life-Changing Separation & Support. Revolutionary Underwear with 10 Features.

Amount Raised:


1790% of funding goal raised

eufy Video Smart Lock

3-in-1 Combination | 2K Resolution Camera | 0.3s Fingerprint Recognition Smart Lock | Dual Motion Detection Doorbell

Amount Raised:


2477% of funding goal raised


Next generation of expedition backpacks - Searchable, durable, and filled with functionality that will come in handy on your adventures

Amount Raised:


2893% of funding goal raised

Duo Cover

Step up your microwave game with the next generation invention that delivers tastier food with zero splatter or finger burns.

Amount Raised:


17023% of funding goal raised

The 5 (+) Pocket Performance Pants

Performance Pants packed with features you'll love. Easy care, 2 way stretch, quick dry & stain repellent. Guaranteed Perfect Fit!

Amount Raised:


937% of funding goal raised

Tech Bands

Tech Bands™ ⌚ Indestructible Apple Watch Straps

Amount Raised:


1730% of funding goal raised


Multi-functionality | Compact & Portable | Patented Design | Zero Installation Required | MMA Training Tool

Amount Raised:


353% of funding goal raised


Made to empower your modern lifestyle. Wear As A Handbag, Tote, Crossbody, Backpack, & Top Handle. Modular, Made In Cactus Leather.

Amount Raised:


485% of funding goal raised

Buffalo Carts

Multi-purpose Electric-powered Cart | Versatile Design | Made in America | Fully Customizable

Amount Raised:


494% of funding goal raised

Aroma 59

Solidified fragrance capsules inspired by the power & calmness of nature - in the palm of your hand✨

Amount Raised:


3724% of funding goal raised

XFoil – Electric Carbon Fiber Surf & Hydrofoil

3-in-1 Versatile Watercraft: Surf, Foil, SUP. Ride on the surface, fly above water for 1/3 the price

Amount Raised:


5380% of funding goal raised

Monkee Mount

Massage Hard-to-Reach Places | Patent-Pending | Compatible with All Massage Guns | Easy Setup

Amount Raised:


1661% of funding goal raised


Larger full HD display | 85% screen-to-body ratio | Smaller magnet system | Lighter and slimmer | 4 new colors | Multiple display modes

Amount Raised:


3334% of funding goal raised

Supercharge Your Brain for Calm, Focused Performance In Just 20 Mins, 3 Times / Week.

Amount Raised:


2629% of funding goal raised

Nebula Cosmos Laser 4K: The Most Compact 4K Laser Theater

Laser Powered | 4K Resolution | 2400 Lumens | Android TV 10.0 | 150" Screen | Laser Forge Image Engine | IEA Technology

Amount Raised:


6580% of funding goal raised


A pocket-sized double loaded hex bit screwdriver.

Amount Raised:


1389% of funding goal raised


Jerrycan Eco Water Bottle is perfectly handy & versatile. Help us bring a change for a better future around the globe.

Amount Raised:


1035% of funding goal raised


Your New Unisex, Super Hydrating, Long-Lasting, Mess-Free Aluminum Lip Balm

Amount Raised:


535% of funding goal raised

The Shower Scrubber

Double-sided, charcoal-infused, 100% natural, and an absolute lathering machine!

Amount Raised:


1569% of funding goal raised

Secret Whiteboard

A hanging print frame that opens to reveal a large magnetic whiteboard

Amount Raised:


1178% of funding goal raised


- an electric bike

Amount Raised:


102% of funding goal raised

Light Pong: the 1-dimensional game console

One-dimensional game console

Amount Raised:


295% of funding goal raised

TreePod Canopy: A Spacious Cabana & Hammock Hybrid

TreePod combines the luxury of a cabana with the portability of a hammock

Amount Raised:


1009% of funding goal raised

CircuitMess Batmobile™

A STEM kit that will teach you about autonomous driving, and machine learning while exploring the world of electronics & programming

Amount Raised:


2588% of funding goal raised

Arclight Bike Pedals: Stand Out, Ride Safe

Bike Pedal Lights

Amount Raised:


2109% of funding goal raised

Flagship Light: convert any skillet into cast iron grill

Much healthier food with better flavor. Essential accessory for your favorite frying pan. Fat-reducing & dry heat cooking technologies

Amount Raised:


4657% of funding goal raised

Explorer MAX Toiletry Bag

It's travel without the vanity - get it?

Amount Raised:


1790% of funding goal raised

Rens NOMAD : The All-in-1 Waterproof Coffee Shoe

Waterproof Shoe Made From Coffee

Amount Raised:


1881% of funding goal raised

TOSY Flying Duo – 360 LED Flying Disc & Patented Boomerang

LED Flying Disc

Amount Raised:


1677% of funding goal raised

RocketFire: The Fastest Fire Starter on the Planet 🔥

Lights Fires in Seconds

Amount Raised:


1064% of funding goal raised

Simprella 2.0 – Pocketsize Umbrella

Free travel case | All new framework

Amount Raised:


4610% of funding goal raised

KABUTO: Fingerprint-Locked Trunk + Expandable Backpack

Magically opening luxury trunk with removable pocket + impossibly expandable 2-in-1 briefcase and backpack.

Amount Raised:


2109% of funding goal raised


BUILT FOR SLEEP. SOLTEC•SMS was engineered to promote sleep but it doesn't stop there. SOLTEC℠ has discovered how to maintain healthy sleep. If you want a system, you can get it here...

Amount Raised:


401% of funding goal raised

TEMPMi – The World’s Smallest Tritium Keychain Thermometer

Contactless Measurement | Compact | Tritium | App Tracking | Measure for all | Compatible with Android & iOS

Amount Raised:


3827% of funding goal raised

HYPERBELL | Turn Your Dumbbells Into A Full Gym

More fitness, less equipment. Unlock an entire gym's worth of workouts with only your dumbbells.

Amount Raised:


2762% of funding goal raised

Alpha™ Pillow 2: Aqua Cooling Membrane

Pure Silver Tech to self-clean, Air Cells, Aqua Gel, germ defense, hypoallergenic materials, helps with sleep quality.

Amount Raised:


3257% of funding goal raised

Seadon | Helios: Hiking Pants Made From Ocean Plastic

Get ready to hit the trail in newfound comfort with these ultralight and versatile adventure pants. Lifetime Warranty.

Amount Raised:


1812% of funding goal raised

Snorble: Imagine A Better Bedtime

Develop a better bedtime routine for your child in an engaging way with the support of Snorble.

Amount Raised:


819% of funding goal raised

ForeverPen™ – Writing Without Limits

Ever needed a pen and couldn’t find one? This one is made of Ti + Ag, sits on your keys and never needs refilling.

Amount Raised:


13775% of funding goal raised

Ventus Active Hoodie: Weight & Breathabilty Meet Style

Replace Your Fleece Jacket With A Warmer, 7oz Hoodie That Packs To The Size Of A Water Bottle!

Amount Raised:


6644% of funding goal raised

SmartCocoon | Smart HVAC Register Booster Fan

Improve Your Home Comfort in every Room while Saving Energy

Amount Raised:


1012% of funding goal raised

IMMORTAL: Gates of Pyre

A Free-to-Play strategy game for PC featuring powerful armies, smooth controls and godlike spell-casting commanders known as Immortals.

Amount Raised:


484% of funding goal raised

The Baseline Midlayer: Made With Recycled Coffee Grounds

A technical midlayer made with honeycomb fabric that doesn't leave any microplastics behind in the wash

Amount Raised:


1163% of funding goal raised

The Next Generation Performance Short

Performance Shorts packed with features you'll love. Easy care, 2 way stretch, quick dry & stain repellent. Guaranteed Perfect Fit!

Amount Raised:


1196% of funding goal raised

FinaLace: work, create & learn with wireless 3D audio

Background noise suppression & in-ear monitoring for conference call|Karaoke anywhere, any time with any music apps|3D Audio Recorder

Amount Raised:


1600% of funding goal raised

The Bath Towel | Reimagined

Consistently bone-dry every A.M.

Amount Raised:


5776% of funding goal raised

Claw 2.0 – The World’s 2nd Smallest Multitool

Box Cutter, Bottle Opener, Hex Driver and Pry Bar - TSA Safe with Lifetime Warranty.

Amount Raised:


2533% of funding goal raised

Bebird N3 Pro: Ear Cleaning Tweezer and Rod 2-in-1

Compatible with an app and 12 accessories, it provides a new ear cleaning experience for your family

Amount Raised:


916% of funding goal raised

FinalPress: A new way to brew great tasting coffee & tea

Press the plunger to brew your coffee anywhere.

Amount Raised:


5799% of funding goal raised

LONO | The Sock-Less, Odor-Busting, Eco-Conscious Sneaker

Translating organic materials and smart design into convenient, comfort, and sustainable athleisure shoes.

Amount Raised:


791% of funding goal raised

WooBloo SMASH: Portable 300 Lumens Smart Projector

Alexa Built-In | 3-Hour Video Playback | HD Video | 360° Sound | Netflix, Prime, Hulu Pre-Installed

Amount Raised:


1797% of funding goal raised

PowerX Energy Suite: Water, Electricity, Gas – All Covered

PowerX Energy Suite gives you 360° insight and control into your water, heat and energy usage to save money and the environment.

Amount Raised:


1061% of funding goal raised

GENKI: ShadowCast for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5

The simplest way to play console games on your computer. No internet connection or TV needed, play wherever you want.

Amount Raised:


6438% of funding goal raised

Trekka Element Jacket

A Fireproof, Tear-Proof, Wind & Waterproof Puffy Jacket

Amount Raised:


2063% of funding goal raised

ZeroT: 3-mode Hat for Hair Growth & Healthy Scalp

A wireless, non-invasive light therapy cap to keep your hair full and your scalp oil-free

Amount Raised:


2098% of funding goal raised

Nemeio: The customizable global keyboard

Wide e-paper screen | Dedicated application | Customizable keys | Contextual switch | Ultimate connectivity and portability

Amount Raised:


616% of funding goal raised

MOFT Float: Invisible Stand&Case for iPad Pro&New iPad Air

A slim stand&case that provides adjustable height and unlimited angles. Taking your iPad Pro to next-level height and experience.

Amount Raised:


5003% of funding goal raised

Loop 2: The smart digital frame that connects your family

Loop 2 is a smart digital frame that allows you to instantly share pictures and videos from anywhere.

Amount Raised:


682% of funding goal raised

VISTA Drone: Capture fully integrated 360-degree footage

360-degree camera | Real-time stitching | Autonomous navigation | Easy-to-use controller | ‘Follow Me’ GPS

Amount Raised:


735% of funding goal raised

Quanta Vici: The First Ever Smart Heated Gloves and Socks

Maintain Exact Temperature | Long-lasting Battery | Night Visibility Light | Waterproof | Smartphone App | Anti-Theft/Lost Notification

Amount Raised:


967% of funding goal raised

Scenes One, the first WiFi HaLow security camera

Scenes One is the first wireless security camera that uses SkyLine technology to give you an incredible range while using very little power.

Amount Raised:


2419% of funding goal raised

Decaf Denim

A technical stretch denim made from recycled plastic and coffee

Amount Raised:


774% of funding goal raised

Terra Glide Fitness: This is how we roll.

Working out at home will never be the same.

Amount Raised:


515% of funding goal raised

Stairslide: Indoor Slide For Stairs

The safer, more durable, non-permanent slide for indoor stairs.

Amount Raised:


1500% of funding goal raised

True Places Folding Chair | Comfort for the modern outdoors

Remarkable comfort, thoughtful features and a lightweight, modern design — perfect for life just outside your door.

Amount Raised:


801% of funding goal raised

30° RULER 4.0: One Ruler to Rule Them All

A laser engraved, aerospace aluminium ruler set at a practical 30° angle. Designed for designers, suitable for everyone.

Amount Raised:


3442% of funding goal raised

The Next Generation Performance Chinos

Performance Pants packed with features you'll love. Easy care, 2 way stretch, quick dry & stain repellent. Guaranteed Perfect Fit!

Amount Raised:


998% of funding goal raised

Mobility Wall

The First Ever Vertical Foam Rolling and Deep Tissue Massage

Amount Raised:


418% of funding goal raised

Xcube: Modular Hardshell Backpack for Photographer & Traveler

Hard-shell | 2 Modules | Customizable | Expandable Capacities | Compatible with laptops up to 17’’ | Anti-theft

Amount Raised:


1582% of funding goal raised

VoidScan | The Skeleton RFID Jamming Card

Convenient RFID protector with superior technology to protect your credit and debit cards from data thieves.

Amount Raised:


1156% of funding goal raised


World’s 1st Smart Toy to Teach Languages

Amount Raised:


481% of funding goal raised


The wall-mounted gym timer that fits in your pocket. Purpose-built to be portable, visible and durable.

Amount Raised:


5879% of funding goal raised

The Decent Butcher Block

Northern Hard Maple, Self-healing end-grain, Embedded structural support, Innovative Silicone juice groove

Amount Raised:


537% of funding goal raised


Made from sustainable upcycled coffee grounds infused fabric, O5-T is a stain & odor-free shirt.

Amount Raised:


3661% of funding goal raised

Urban Belt by Xpand Inc.

An interchangeable elastic belt with a fast-adjusting magnetic buckle.

Amount Raised:


3623% of funding goal raised

The Thermometer

At home or on the go, ThermBot delivers contactless body temperature readings at clinical accuracy, plus smart home assistants & IFTTT integration.

Amount Raised:


1677% of funding goal raised

Pero: Wearable Mouse That Also Executes Your Gesture Command

Pero can be used as an ordinary mouse, game controller, or as a control device for design programs.

Amount Raised:


1227% of funding goal raised

HomeBase and Solar Boombox Ecosystem

HomeBase is a shelf with wireless charging and built in amplifier for the new Solar Boombox & Powerbank.

Amount Raised:


2405% of funding goal raised


The Auto-Height Adjusting Pillow With AI Powered App

Amount Raised:


2055% of funding goal raised


This wearable nanotech device helps improve posture, chronic pain, emotional & physical wellbeing.

Amount Raised:


635% of funding goal raised


Inhale & Exhale: Dual-Way Breathing Protection - Unique air ventilation system with N99 filter, protecting you and people around you!

Amount Raised:


951% of funding goal raised


Stylish, comfortable, and reusable face shield designed to help you from habitually touching your face

Amount Raised:


9810% of funding goal raised

AUDRIC SeaBorne 500 M | Rugged Tool Watch For Enthusiasts.

Sublime SWISS MADE DIVER designed for every occasion. Offering incredible value at an affordable price.

Amount Raised:


259% of funding goal raised

Segway-Ninebot KickScooter Air T15

Fold-in-Half | Integrated Design | Lightweight & Portable | Energy-Efficient | Maneuver Through the City with Ease and Steez

Amount Raised:


871% of funding goal raised

Alpha™ Sheets 2.0: Pure Silver Bedding

Micron technology with self-clean system to help fight germs, wrinkles, stains and allergens.

Amount Raised:


1403% of funding goal raised


Smart Visual Ear Cleaning Rod

Amount Raised:


6978% of funding goal raised


A FULL GYM IN YOUR HANDS: Transform your Body at Home, Office & On the Go. Lose the Weights, Keep the Resistance

Amount Raised:


14704% of funding goal raised

Levigato Fitness Mats

A Fitness Mat That's Foldable, Portable, Stackable, and Durable Enough for All Your Workouts

Amount Raised:


421% of funding goal raised

Suntable: Step Outside and Recharge

Solar-powered | Wireless Charging | Sound by JBL | Shaded Charging Shelf | 360-degree SoundSuntable: Step Outside and Recharge

Amount Raised:


1148% of funding goal raised

Ohsnap Grip: How Smart People Use Smartphones

Super-thin grip, stand, and magnet, now compatible with snapcharge: our magnetic wireless charger.

Amount Raised:


12200% of funding goal raised

The Voyager | The chair to change how we enjoy the outdoors

Voyager combines comfort, design & durability to ensure your outdoor chairs live up to the demands of every adventure.

Amount Raised:


1917% of funding goal raised


Modular magnetic blocks with dynamic marble run

Amount Raised:


4336% of funding goal raised

Cyberpunk INERTIX Exoblade 2077

Compact and Customizable Personal Ninja-Tool Techwear with 40 Features

Amount Raised:


5612% of funding goal raised

Railroad Ink Challenge

A quick playing roll and write game

Amount Raised:


2541% of funding goal raised

Egard: Handcrafted luxury watches to build your legacy

A series of engraved watches unlike anything else on the watch market.

Amount Raised:


547% of funding goal raised

The Airhead Mask: Reinvented Pollution Protection

Patent-pending face mask.

Amount Raised:


1051% of funding goal raised

ReduxBuds: AI Powered Noise Cancelling True Wireless Earbuds

Experience the future of true wireless audio with AI noise cancellation and nano graphene speakers.

Amount Raised:


1581% of funding goal raised

SuperCalla | Charging / Data Cables Redesigned

Form, function and irresistible fidgeting all in a one-of-a-kind magnetic charging / data cable

Amount Raised:


17586% of funding goal raised

Arebo: The One-Touch Body Dryer

Arebo is a 1-touch body dryer that dries your body in seconds. Switch between warm and cool air to enjoy maximum comfort & convenience!

Amount Raised:


1105% of funding goal raised

MOFT Z: The 4-in-1 invisible sit-stand laptop desk

It helps you develop a healthy sit-stand working posture in an easy way, keeping you active and productive all day.

Amount Raised:


11442% of funding goal raised

OROS: The Warmest Outerwear in the Universe

Apparel powered by NASA's insulation, aerogel. Tested in Space - Designed for your adventures on Planet Earth.

Amount Raised:


3386% of funding goal raised

MCJOY: Ultimate Small & Quiet Thick Hot/Cold Milk Foamer

Make hot, cold milk froth, milk cap or heat milk | Patented motor-less design makes it super compact, quiet & efficient | Removable jug

Amount Raised:


6633% of funding goal raised

The Denim Jacket Re-Invented | From Woodies

A jacket made for adventure. 2-way stretch organic cotton, RFID blocking pockets and other features you'll love. Guaranteed perfect fit.

Amount Raised:


944% of funding goal raised

SHARGE: World Smallest 65W 3-Port Laptop & USB Wall Charger

The Single Charger You'll Ever Need: With 2 USB-C & 1 USB-A port, SHARGE juices up your laptop and smart devices simultaneously.

Amount Raised:


1164% of funding goal raised

Equilibric Vacuum Lids and Pump for 7x Fresher Food and Wine

Keep food fresher for longer with these universal vacuum lids. BPA free. Dishwasher safe.

Amount Raised:


1451% of funding goal raised

Migration Mars | Race to Build the First Human City on Mars

A tabletop game of strategy, decision making and revenge.

Amount Raised:


1302% of funding goal raised

Cove: The Modern Litter Box

A simple, beautiful litter box with an integrated scoop, dustpan, and hand brush. Built by designers, engineers, and cat behaviorists.

Amount Raised:


1677% of funding goal raised

Aurora: The Self-Cleaning Weighted Blanket For Better Sleep

Snuggle the stress away while copper-infused fabrics cleanses

Amount Raised:


4459% of funding goal raised

BANDO 2.0 | Multi-Functional Slim Wallet by Dash

SEE WHY DASH HAS SOLD OVER 250,000 SLIM WALLETS. Our Best-Selling Minimalist Cash Wallet Redesigned.

Amount Raised:


2619% of funding goal raised

Luminook: Big light for small spaces

Say hello to floor-to-ceiling, shadow-free illumination for all your nooks and crannies.

Amount Raised:


708% of funding goal raised

Boost Surfing Fin: Electric Motorized Fin for any Surfboard

First electric surf fin provides 20 pounds of turbocharged energy to catch up to three times more waves.

Amount Raised:


487% of funding goal raised

G1 – the jacket keeps you warm without overheating

Lined with Graphene, G1 jacket heats up in seconds and regulate your body temperature

Amount Raised:


545% of funding goal raised

Nebula Cosmos Max: World’s 1st 4K Home Cinema with 3D Audio

4K UHD Picture | 1500 ANSI Lumens | HDR10 | 3D Audio | Dolby Digital Plus | Android 9 | Keystone Correction | Autofocus

Amount Raised:


3179% of funding goal raised

Mellow Duo: perfect sous vide meals with a press of a button

This next-gen sous vide machine makes jaw-dropping food using an in-app chef, built-in refrigeration and a dual-vat option.

Amount Raised:


705% of funding goal raised

AIR : Futuristic Breathable Blazer with 20 Features

Made with Austrian Beech Trees, it's a blazer for everyone, everywhere!

Amount Raised:


1093% of funding goal raised

Rubber Band Minigun

A fully automatic, made from wood, minigun with specially-designed mechanism that allows you to load it in a matter of minutes.

Amount Raised:


3164% of funding goal raised

The Masters Collection: The Next Generation of Cookware

Our die-cast aluminum cookware features PEEK coating, the most groundbreaking scratch and wear-resistant non-stick technology.

Amount Raised:


418% of funding goal raised

Espresso Displays: The World’s Thinnest Portable Display, Top to Bottom

Espresso Displays enable you to reach your maximum productivity ANYWHERE. Setup in seconds, no matter what device you have.

Amount Raised:


2916% of funding goal raised

MessyWeekend INUIT Photochromic & High Contrast Snow Goggles

These badboys come with our all new XE2 & XEp lens technologies that bring you a new combination of high-quality features at a low cost.

Amount Raised:


3266% of funding goal raised

Gemini – Powerful Dual-Screen Laptop

The all-in-one touchscreen laptop, tablet, & portable dual-screen workstation

Amount Raised:


812% of funding goal raised

Teracube: The sustainable smartphone with a 4-year warranty

Teracube is the only phone you'll ever need for the next four years and beyond. Better for your pocket, better for the planet.

Amount Raised:


501% of funding goal raised

LIFESABER®: A Limitless Power Supply For Wilderness Survival

Never worry about a dead cellphone. LIFESABER comes with a breakthrough USB generator, light, siren, UV water purifier and plasma firestarter.

Amount Raised:


573% of funding goal raised

Unicorn Fever

A betting tactical game where you exploit unwitting unicorns and their mindless desire to run on rainbows for profit...and glory!

Amount Raised:


584% of funding goal raised

Legion Solar 4 – Permission Free Energy and Storage

The plug and play solar with Artificial Intelligence (AI) for 3x faster ROI.

Amount Raised:


2889% of funding goal raised

Q Mic: Rich & Clear Audio Recording for All Content Creators

Change mid-shoot between Directional, Omni & ASMR mode with the Q Dial. No battery required, full 360° rotation and beginner-friendly.

Amount Raised:


2294% of funding goal raised

Urbie Air: World’s first smart 3-in-1 Eco Air Purifier

Eliminates 99% of allergens, volatile organic compounds and other pollutants while also removing excess humidity and destroying mold and dust mites.

Amount Raised:


801% of funding goal raised

Alpha™ Pillow: Air Cell Tech

Air Cell, Ice Silk and Silver technology that self-cleans, eliminates bacteria and suppresses allergens to improve health and sleep quality.

Amount Raised:


6245% of funding goal raised

Sash Bag 3.0: Reversible Sash Bags

Design your own Sash with your choice of front and back colors!

Amount Raised:


987% of funding goal raised

M250 – a lightweight hex drive toolkit for everyday carry

The airplane carry-on compliant tool that is made of advanced aerospace & military composite.

Amount Raised:


1353% of funding goal raised


Microvibration and microcurrent technology that flushes out lactic acid and unties deep knots.

Amount Raised:


4051% of funding goal raised

AirFlex 6 Pocket Tech Pants

The comfortable alternative to heavy work denim.

Amount Raised:


1037% of funding goal raised

TRIO: The on-the-go dual & triple screen laptop monitor

This upgraded monitor is lighter, more compact and offers up to THREE screens to boost productivity and efficient multitasking.

Amount Raised:


2332% of funding goal raised

Get™: Fingerprint authentication, payments and voice control

The perfect hybrid solution between smart watch and smart bands. A hi-tech wearable bracelet with bone-conduction technology.

Amount Raised:


422% of funding goal raised

KAT loco: Complete Wearable Locomotion System – Walk into VR

Universally compatible & affordable VR locomotion system that activates your lower body, granting full physicality of VR interactions.

Amount Raised:


365% of funding goal raised

Handy Gym: Portable, Powerful & Effective Inertial Training

Portable, powerful and effective inertial training.

Amount Raised:


1933% of funding goal raised

Shape Flexer Sunhat Lite

A light weight version of the Shape Flexer: a bendable, shapeable, crushable portable machine washable waterproof wind resistant Sun Hat.

Amount Raised:


1151% of funding goal raised

HiLashes 2.0 – Magnetic Lashes Reinvented

A healthier alternative to traditional lash application methods such as mascara, falsies and extensions. Join the revolution today!

Amount Raised:


3495% of funding goal raised

Chef Caddy

The spice rack reinvented for faster, more inspired cooking.

Amount Raised:


435% of funding goal raised

Fire Safe: A Portable Fire Pit by Wolf and Grizzly

Fire Safe is an envelope-sized, portable fire pit and cooking companion that allows you to start a fire anywhere permissible.

Amount Raised:


1242% of funding goal raised

ZEROHOUR RELIC XR2: Tactical Flashlight USB C Powerbank

This bike & weapon mountable, 2,000 Lumen LED tactical flashlight includes a rechargeable USB C powerbank and is IPX8 fully submersible and waterproof.

Amount Raised:


1028% of funding goal raised

Dullo: Neck Relief Pillow for Back, Side & Tummy Sleepers

Deep sleep made possible for all by our pillow's crater hole, ergonomic arches, neck support tubes, ventilation form factor and more!

Amount Raised:


5489% of funding goal raised

Ayi: AI-Powered Smart Mirror for your home

Meet your new personal assistant. The world's most visually stunning AI-Powered Smart Mirror, for your home.

Amount Raised:


899% of funding goal raised

SKYE Footwear: The New Ultimate Sneaker-Boot Hybrid

SKYE combines the functionality and durability of boots with the style and comfort of sneakers in two different styles

Amount Raised:


727% of funding goal raised

Parásole 2.0: Revolutionary 3D Recovery Socks

Parásole provides arch support, relieves foot fatigue, offers 360° breathability and is anti-odor, all in a sustainable sock.

Amount Raised:


1358% of funding goal raised

Dorai – The First Mold-Free Dish Rack & Pad that Dries Instantly

The world's cleanest, self-drying dish rack and dish pad combo that uses Diatomaceous Earth to prevent mold with chic, modern style.

Amount Raised:


552% of funding goal raised

LABFRESH | Most Advanced Stain & Odour repellent Polo

The #1 backed European apparel project is back with a stain, sweat and odour blocking polo shirt, engineered to last a lifetime.

Amount Raised:


1284% of funding goal raised


Fully rewritable and waterproof notebook. Eternal metal pencil.

Amount Raised:


655% of funding goal raised

Chameleon Fineliners: World’s First Color Blending Fineliner

Instantly Blend Color for all your writing, journaling, drawing, coloring, and more!

Amount Raised:


1584% of funding goal raised

UNO: World’s First Cross Device USB Type-C Magnetic Cable

Charging redefined: Capable of QC3.0, 4.0, Apple Fast Charge & data transfer. Only 1 cable needed for your USB devices.

Amount Raised:


4588% of funding goal raised

Kailo – The Future of Pain Relief

Nanotech bio-antenna that interacts with electrical signals in your body, naturally relieving pain.

Amount Raised:


3040% of funding goal raised

BULL3T | World’s Most Powerful Micro Flashlight, EVER.

5x Brighter, Stronger, and Completely Redesigned Mini LED Bullet Light.

Amount Raised:


2350% of funding goal raised

The Orijin Sponge | Enhance Your Daily Routine

A sponge designed to change your shower experience for the better. Bamboo charcoal infusion, 100% plant-based & a whole lot more.

Amount Raised:


3258% of funding goal raised

Melange | The Comfiest most Advanced Robe in the World

Achieve deep relaxation and faster recovery with Melange’s new ultra comfy robe that is backed by science.

Amount Raised:


1557% of funding goal raised

Limitless Merino Wool Shirt | One Shirt, Unlimited Potential

The ultimate performance shirt for travel, outdoors, and every day.

Amount Raised:


1352% of funding goal raised

Fromaggio™: World’s first smart, automatic home cheesemaker

Effortlessly make your own delicious, natural cheeses at home with fromaggio’s advanced, patent-pending technology

Amount Raised:


833% of funding goal raised

Evolution Hoodie: Made from Recycled Coffee Grounds

The world's most sustainable, functional, and versatile hoodie, with over 20 features for travel and adventure!

Amount Raised:


1087% of funding goal raised

Hush Iced: The Awesome Cooling and Sleep-Inducing Blanket

Achieve a deeper sleep and reduce your anxiety with Hush’s new cool-to-the-touch, sweat-wicking weighted blanket.

Amount Raised:


4465% of funding goal raised

Norrland Parka – World’s Best Winter Coat With 20+ Features

Norrland Parka is the first winter coat with 20+ built in smart features: Wi-Fi, Powerbank, Gloves and much more!

Amount Raised:


1818% of funding goal raised

Unbreakable Pantyhose With Bulletproof Fiber 2.0

The World's Toughest Sheers are back in a new slimming control top style and are now available in 5 colors including 3 shades of nude.

Amount Raised:


844% of funding goal raised

Clone Pillow: A revolutionary body pillow for restful sleep

Our advanced, contoured body pillow uses cooling gel and memory foam to keep your body comfortable and relaxed throughout the night

Amount Raised:


744% of funding goal raised

Pacum: It’s time to end the struggle with space.

Get the most powerful, multi-functional, handheld vacuum in the world. Double your capacity and compress travel items 4x faster!

Amount Raised:


586% of funding goal raised

DeskSpace: Handcrafted Solar Sun Mood Light/Desk Accessory

Handcrafted Golden Calcite gemstone prized for its mesmerizing texture and clarity, illuminated to recreate the beauty of the Sun.

Amount Raised:


2348% of funding goal raised

SolarCru: Smallest and lightest foldable solar panel charger

Charge your devices using solar power, with an integrated battery. | Ultra Portable | Magnetic Foldable | Charge more in parallel

Amount Raised:


3045% of funding goal raised

Vessi: The 100% Waterproof, Extremely Breathable Knit Shoe

One shoe, four seasons. Designed for any weather, these ultra-lightweight shoes will stick with you for a lifetime. A shoe reimagined.

Amount Raised:


5042% of funding goal raised

Kistler: The Warmest Jacket That Uses Aerospace Technology

The Kistler Aerogel Jacket is the warmest and thinnest jacket on earth. It keeps you warm in temperatures as low as -320°F

Amount Raised:


610% of funding goal raised

EyeQue VisionCheck, World’s 1st Automated Eye Test

MIT patented tech + proven accuracy. Test your vision at home & order glasses online w/the results!

Amount Raised:


588% of funding goal raised

Magnet Driver™ Space Rocket: a huge upgrade for tiny screws

Build, repair and adjust even the tiniest DIY project effortlessly with this full-precision screwdriver and toolkit.

Amount Raised:


543% of funding goal raised

The Longhaul Pant – Merino performance in style by Woolly

Creating the world's most stylish and versatile merino wool pants and shorts.

Amount Raised:


1169% of funding goal raised

KEYTO: The Key to Burning Fat Faster

Get actionable insights about your body in just one breath. Sustain ketosis & lose weight.

Amount Raised:


1436% of funding goal raised

Nebula Capsule II: World’s First Android TV™ Pocket Cinema

720p HD Picture | 100% Brighter | Bigger & Better Sound | 3600+ Apps | USB-C Power Delivery | 1-Second Autofocus | The Google Assistant

Amount Raised:


3355% of funding goal raised

Kodiak Leather: Kobuk Leather Backpack

Adventure Ready, Top Grain, Roll-Top Leather Backpack.

Amount Raised:


1340% of funding goal raised

Workhorse Saddle Chairs: Improve your posture and well-being

Designed by a chiropractor, these chairs have a unique, contoured saddle shape that will keep your spine in the perfect seated position.

Amount Raised:


501% of funding goal raised


Boost your productivity and allow for efficient multitasking with DUO’s simple-to-use, lightweight and sleek design.

Amount Raised:


2464% of funding goal raised

The Undress Version 4 – the #1 Dress on Kickstarter is back!

The Undress is ALL-IN-ONE - mobile changing room, transformable dress perfect for travel, adventures, and workouts! WATCH the video!

Amount Raised:


1294% of funding goal raised

The Kosan Go Travel Dress

Lightweight, odour blocking, wrinkle resistant and adjustable, the Go Travel Dress is packed with 14 travel-friendly features!

Amount Raised:


6102% of funding goal raised

Ocean Plastics Daypack by Solgaard: The Upcycled Backpack

A backpack made from recycled plastic recovered from the ocean. Designed for everyday carry, including laptop and other tech gear.

Amount Raised:


440% of funding goal raised

Cocoon: The world’s most stylish wrap for breastfeeding moms

Engineered to magically do everything, just like moms.

Amount Raised:


201% of funding goal raised

MasterSous: The 8-in-1 Smart Cooker

A Wi-Fi-connected, automatic stirring multi-cooker that can sous vide, deep fry, simmer, sear, saute, boil, steam and slow cook!

Amount Raised:


532% of funding goal raised

#1st ever compact+modular travel pillow | Candy Cane™

A travel size travel pillow. Instantly inflatable . Extremely comfortable, 360 degree support with over 20 modes in one.

Amount Raised:


671% of funding goal raised

SISSI STRAWBERRY – Grow Your Own Fresh Strawberries

The easiest and most stylish way to grow your very own strawberries on your balcony or terrace.

Amount Raised:


937% of funding goal raised

Silo: one-touch connected vacuum system for 5x fresher food

Lock in freshness and throw out less food. A patented containers system to deep-vacuum and seal food. Plus built-in Alexa to manage inventory.

Amount Raised:


1781% of funding goal raised

Soundbrenner Core: The 4-in-1 Smart Music Tool

Vibrating Metronome, Magnetic Tuner, Decibel Meter, Watch - your fundamental music tools made smarter, reliable, and always with you.

Amount Raised:


972% of funding goal raised

Unravel: Fast Wireless Charging, Anywhere.

A travel wireless charging station with three 10W Qi-charging pads. With a patent-pending hinge design simply stack, pack and go.

Amount Raised:


3837% of funding goal raised

The Drift W1: Experience Segway’s New Age E-Skates

The Coolest E-skates Ever/Easy to Learn/ Fun to Master/ Works Well Indoor and Outdoor/Trend of 2018

Amount Raised:


5086% of funding goal raised

Zip Top® Reusable Containers Stand Up, Stay Open & Zip Shut

Made with 100% platinum silicone which means they are endlessly reusable, food grade, microwave, dishwasher, oven & freezer safe!

Amount Raised:


6383% of funding goal raised

AirFlex -The World’s Most Comfortable Travel and Work Pants

A new alternative between office slacks and travel pants. Gel padded waistband & 4 way stretch polyamide for comfort beyond belief.

Amount Raised:


1304% of funding goal raised

The Alta 21 | Packable Multi-Use Backpack + 3L Hip Pack

The Adventure pack redefined. 100% Waterproof, packable, durable, and versatile. Designed for those who live for adventure.

Amount Raised:


3651% of funding goal raised

BANDO – Functional Slim Wallet by Dash

SEE WHY DASH HAS SOLD OVER 250,000 WALLETS. Our Best Minimalist Cash Wallet - Made for Real Ballers Who Carry Bands

Amount Raised:


1904% of funding goal raised

MEZMOGLOBE™- Kinetic desk toy with full body optical illusion

Revolving sphere that creates a mind-bending 360° optical illusion of continuously flowing helix.

Amount Raised:


7713% of funding goal raised

Pix: The Backpack for those who dare to be different

Besides being a convenient urban backpack, Pix allows you to choose or create your own digital art and display it.

Amount Raised:


430% of funding goal raised

Sated. Ready to Drink Keto Meal Shake

Sated is a complete keto meal shake with as much protein as three eggs, as much potassium as two bananas, more fiber than a bowl of oatmeal and much more.

Amount Raised:


1653% of funding goal raised

Domio Pro – a game changer in helmet audio & communication

The wireless Domio Pro mounts to any helmet and transforms it into a surround sound audio and voice communication system.

Amount Raised:


975% of funding goal raised

A Better Backpack

Get a better all-day backpack designed to look amazing and carry everything, with canvas made from recycled plastic bottles

Amount Raised:


1270% of funding goal raised

The Freshest Underwear on the Planet- Peppermint Tech

Introducing---- Not your average Cool & Fresh Peppermint Tech Undies.

Amount Raised:


372% of funding goal raised

NATEDE: the Most Amazing Smart Natural Air Purifier

NATEDE by Clairy combines Nature, Technology and Design to remove Indoor Pollution and to analyse it

Amount Raised:


1531% of funding goal raised

Like Bike – the coolest and most affordable electric bike!

Experience the best electric bike ever - cool design, premium quality, and fun to ride - at the world's most affordable price!

Amount Raised:


964% of funding goal raised

NanoPen | World’s Smallest & Indestructible EDC Pen Tool

Functional, Minimal & Refined. NanoPen is much more than just a ultra-portable mini writing instrument.

Amount Raised:


2153% of funding goal raised

Lyd: This bottle opens when your lips touch, never spills.

The only beverage bottle designed with 360-degree, touch-activated access that lets beverages flow the moment it touches your lips.

Amount Raised:


368% of funding goal raised

Boulder Denim 2.0 – Performance jeans revolutionized!

The most advanced stretch denim just got even better. Originally made for climbers, these stylish jeans are perfect for any activity!

Amount Raised:


1336% of funding goal raised

The McCoy Motorcycle Jacket by Tobacco Motorwear Company

A timeless, American made, motorcycle jacket for a fraction of the price.

Amount Raised:


1205% of funding goal raised

Canvia: The World’s Most Realistic Interactive Art Display

Canvia uses proprietary image processing and built-in sensors that adapt curated art to your room’s ambient visual conditions and décor.

Amount Raised:


222% of funding goal raised

Pirl Charger – The most powerful 4 port charger

The most powerful 4 port charger.

Amount Raised:


1662% of funding goal raised

Space watches allowing to look back from space in real time.

Swiss watches not only containing real Soyuz rocket material at their heart but also connecting to the ISS live stream.

Amount Raised:


599% of funding goal raised

K-25: Smart Bath Towels 2.0

Marshmallow cottony soft bath towels that soak water like a super sponge waffle.

Amount Raised:


1087% of funding goal raised

Moon Pod: A Zero-Gravity Beanbag for All-Day Deep Relaxation

Moon Pod: A Zero-Gravity Beanbag for All-Day Deep Relaxation

Amount Raised:


5915% of funding goal raised

Reinventing The Sports Watch by HOFFMAN

This collection of 20+ reinvented sports watches is classically inspired and 100% guaranteed to catch the attention of watch and design enthusiasts alike.

Amount Raised:


1279% of funding goal raised

SMART BELT 2.0 – The Most Crowdfunded Accessory In History!

The biggest leap in belt technology ... since .. well .. a rope around your waist.

Amount Raised:


14326% of funding goal raised

Olarm: The Smartest Home Security System

Next Generation Complete Home Security | Learns Your Lifestyle | Self Arming | Reliable & Intelligent | Patent Pending | No Monthly Fee

Amount Raised:


510% of funding goal raised

ARIA Waterproof Earbuds: Bluetooth 5 & 32h Battery

100% Waterproof, Bluetooth 5, 32-Hour Battery, Ultra-High Def Speakers, Noise Cancellation Earbuds

Amount Raised:


9105% of funding goal raised

ElectroSpit Vocal Instrument & Talkbox for Musicians

Electrify your voice with the sound of any keyboard, guitar, or our smartphone App. ESX-1, tubeless talkbox reimagined for the future!

Amount Raised:


282% of funding goal raised

Stealth Socks: Covertly Fresh, Impeccably Styled

Thanks to all the backers who helped us smash our goal! If you missed out (or just want more), head to our new shop using the button below!

Amount Raised:


1562% of funding goal raised

Clairy: The Most Amazing Natural Air Purifier

Clairy combines the power of nature and technology with the beauty of design to eliminate indoor pollution and analyze it.

Amount Raised:


232% of funding goal raised

Professor Einstein: Your Personal Genius

Learn science and play brain-teasing games with the world's first walking, talking, and amazingly expressive Einstein robot

Amount Raised:


114% of funding goal raised

SilverTech 1.0 – Odorless Underwear Made with Pure Silver

The world's most comfortable, versatile and technologically advanced underwear. Fighting bacteria, regulating temperatures and reducing sweat.

Amount Raised:


408% of funding goal raised

ANCHOR CABLE – Last cable you will ever need

ANCHOR CABLE - Worlds first stainless steel magnetic CROSS DEVICE charging cable with USB type-C enabled and LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Amount Raised:


2152% of funding goal raised

FODI – The flat multi-purpose origami stand

ODI is an Origami stand that folds to different sizes to fit your mobile devices, laptops and much more.

Amount Raised:


1035% of funding goal raised

Impression Pi: Wireless VR+AR with Gesture+Position Tracking

A Wireless Virtual Reality HMD that's Fashionable & Compact; Features 3D Gesture Input, Position Tracking, & Augmented Reality Overlays

Amount Raised:


387% of funding goal raised

[MU]table: The Multi-Functional Children’s Play Table

MUtable conveniently transforms from a beautifully-designed table into an all-in-one play table for children ages 1 through 8!

Amount Raised:


445% of funding goal raised

Antonia Saint NY – High-Tech Heels & Flats

Gorgeous heels & flats with hidden technology, customized fit, superior cushion + construction. No more hard shoes. Walk in freedom!

Amount Raised:


3691% of funding goal raised

OYO Personal Gym / DoubleFlex Black | OYO Fitness

Lose the Weights, Keep the Resistance.

Amount Raised:


2197% of funding goal raised

Kite Shield: DEET-free Mosquito Repellent Spray

An effective, 3rd-party validated mosquito repellent that is shipping now

Amount Raised:


743% of funding goal raised

Sound Heroes: Bluetooth Speaker of the Future

Step into the future with ambient lights, a built-in smoke machine, and wireless charging!

Amount Raised:


1560% of funding goal raised

Lief | Smart patch that fights stress

Stay calm and focused by learning to control your body's natural stress response.

Amount Raised:


812% of funding goal raised

RinseKit: The Revolutionary Portable Shower

RinseKit conveniently delivers hot, pressurized water anywhere!

Amount Raised:


1321% of funding goal raised

Rockwell Model T Razor and Razor Blades – Shaving, Perfected

A revolutionary razor providing a close and easy shave, adjustable to everyone's skin and hair, with no cartridges or subscriptions!

Amount Raised:


787% of funding goal raised

THE FOREVER O.G. PANTS Lifetime Quality without The Markup

Silver infused pants that are Odor, Liquid & Stain Resistant, Made in New York and backed by a Lifetime Quality and Size Guarantee.

Amount Raised:


1799% of funding goal raised

Four Outdoor Essentials in One Tent / Hammock – Crua Hybrid

Tent / Hammock lets you sleep high or low; designed with built-in insulated air mattress, detachable sleeping bag & dual connectability

Amount Raised:


1679% of funding goal raised

ORBI Prime: The First 360 Video Recording Eyewear

Effortless, intuitive, and durable, ORBI Prime lets anyone create incredible 360° videos and images.

Amount Raised:


380% of funding goal raised

Sitka Leather Messenger – A Bag For Cameras & Everyday Carry

A premium quality leather messenger bag that is classic, functional and built to last a lifetime.

Amount Raised:


3096% of funding goal raised

Mizu | The Smartest, Softest, and Most Durable Towel Ever

Impurity-sensing smart textile made of Xinjiang cotton, smart-dyes and world class Japanese craftsmanship.

Amount Raised:


2643% of funding goal raised

iLuun: The Smart Wireless Storage Drive For iPhone & Android

iLuun Air Allows You To Wirelessly Store, Share, & Stream Data Between Smartphones, Tablets, and Computers.

Amount Raised:


466% of funding goal raised

Slide: Make Your Existing Curtains Smart!

Works on virtually all your horizontal curtains. Two-minute easy installation. Imagine waking up with natural light, and so much more!

Amount Raised:


533% of funding goal raised

The Chameleon Pack: The Most Versatile Backpack in the World

Easily transform your pack into an ultra-light chair, without emptying anything and access all your gear while lounging in your chair.

Amount Raised:


609% of funding goal raised

Vixole: World’s First Smart Customizable E-Sneaker

Equipped with flexible LED screens, giving birth to limitless possibilities.

Amount Raised:


710% of funding goal raised

Dagadam Watch – Think Beyond

Learn more about Dagadam watch on

Amount Raised:


172% of funding goal raised

The MotherBox – TRUE Wireless Charging

The first wireless charging product that isn't tethered to your device. REAL wireless charging.

Amount Raised:


584% of funding goal raised

The Spyslide: World’s Most Elegant Webcam Cover

World's Thinnest (0.6mm), Most Beautiful and Practical Webcam Security.

Amount Raised:


2571% of funding goal raised

auris: Bluetooth® for your Dock

auris the Bluetooth® music receiver enables you to wirelessly play and control all your music from an iPhone, iPad and Android device.

Amount Raised:


330% of funding goal raised

Voyage Pillow

The Most Versatile and Compact Travel Pillow

Amount Raised:


1215% of funding goal raised

Smart Luxury Watch Revolution – Filippo Loreti

Italian Design meets Smart Technology. Backed by industry leading 10 year warranty.

Amount Raised:


17673% of funding goal raised

Kapsul: Cool, redefined.

Kapsul is the first window air conditioner designed entirely with you in mind.

Amount Raised:


587% of funding goal raised

Trunkster: Zipperless Luggage with GPS + Battery + Scale

Meet the world’s most revolutionary luggage, featuring zipperless entry for faster access, USB charging, a built-in scale, and location tracking.

Amount Raised:


2791% of funding goal raised

HEXO+: Your Autonomous Aerial Camera – Drone

HEXO+ is an intelligent drone that follows and films you autonomously. Aerial filming for everyone.

Amount Raised:


2614% of funding goal raised

Handcrafted Dress Shoes for the Modern Gentleman

The first handcrafted Italian leather shoe with a buyback option that strengthens communities.

Amount Raised:


6412% of funding goal raised

Volterman – World’s Most Powerful Smart Wallet

Built-in Powerbank, Distance Alarm, Global GPS Tracking, Worldwide WiFi Hotspot, Anti-Thief Camera.

Amount Raised:


7005% of funding goal raised

GOkey: Battery-Memory-Remote. All on your keyring

Boost your phone battery, use it as a cable, store your data, locate your keys and find your phone.

Amount Raised:


2582% of funding goal raised

Vessi – The World’s First 100% Waterproof Knit Shoes

A stylish, waterproof, breathable and lightweight sneaker that keeps your feet cozy and dry no matter the weather.

Amount Raised:


5131% of funding goal raised

Vinci 2.0-World’s First Standalone Smart Wireless Headphones

Leave your phone behind. Music, calls, and fitness trackers all-in-one.Voice-controlled AI.15,000 skills with Alexa.Noise cancellation.

Amount Raised:


4428% of funding goal raised

Make Any Headphones Wireless

This tiny device brings Bluetooth capability to all of your audio devices. It even lets you sync headphones with a friend!

Amount Raised:


4021% of funding goal raised

Watches built from spaceborne rockets.

Watches from another world. The dial is original rocket material - from Soyuz MS-02 & MS-04. Powered by a swiss mechanical movement.

Amount Raised:


1970% of funding goal raised

Smartduvet: Dual-Zone Temp Self-Making Bed

Convert your Existing Bed into a Dual-Zone Climate-Controlled Self-Making Bed.

Amount Raised:


3685% of funding goal raised

Ministry of Supply: The First Intelligent Heated Jacket

A functional, beautiful, everything-proof, voice-controlled jacket that learns and automatically heats to your optimal temperature.

Amount Raised:


893% of funding goal raised

Lifepack: Solar Powered & Anti-Theft Backpack

We've re-invented the mobile office. With Lifepack, you're ready for anything.

Amount Raised:


3070% of funding goal raised

Hush | The World’s First Smart Earplugs

Wireless noise masking earplugs that block out the world while still letting you hear the things that matter most.

Amount Raised:


593% of funding goal raised

Sea to Sky -The Waterproof Backpack That Fits In Your Pocket

Waterproof, Packable, Lightweight and Durable - The Sea to Sky Pack by PNW is the ultimate travel backpack that fits in your pocket.

Amount Raised:


5593% of funding goal raised

The BackStrong Chair Fixes How You Sit. Let it do the work.

Finally a chair that saves your back! Ergonomic design engages your core. Sit-In-Motion all day for health, comfort & avoiding pain.

Amount Raised:


526% of funding goal raised

Sitpack ZEN the world’s most compact chair + perfect posture

Portable & functional seating for perfect and stronger posture. It can be used for all your adventures, events and even at the office.

Amount Raised:


1729% of funding goal raised

Glowing Plants: Natural Lighting with no Electricity

Create GLOWING PLANTS using synthetic biology and Genome Compiler's software - the first step in creating sustainable natural lighting

Amount Raised:


745% of funding goal raised

Rocketbook Wave: Cloud-Ready Microwavable Notebook

Combine the freedom of pen and paper with the utility of the cloud. Microwave. Repeat.

Amount Raised:


2298% of funding goal raised

Sphericam 2, the 4K 360º Video Camera for VR

The perfect 360º camera for Oculus Rift / Google Cardboard. First ever to offer GLOBAL SHUTTER at 60FPS and 4K, 100% spherical capture.

Amount Raised:


305% of funding goal raised

Ecomo: The World’s First Bottle That Tests & Filters Water

Shake to test, twist to filter: A Smart Bottle that helps you to get rid of contaminants

Amount Raised:


906% of funding goal raised

Lifepack Hustle: Solar + Anti-theft backpack & shoulder bag

The best backpacks & shoulder bags for your daily hustle. The newest solar tech and patented anti-theft lock.

Amount Raised:


440% of funding goal raised

Trailhead Adventure Shorts Packable, Durable, & Stain Proof

Shorts so comfortable you'll never want to take them off. Stretchy, durable, & water-resistant, they're ready for anything.

Amount Raised:


2830% of funding goal raised

X Suit: Most Advanced Suit with 20 plus features

World’s First Multi-Stretch, Stainless & Wrinkless Suit.

Amount Raised:


799% of funding goal raised

Mitte: Create your own mineral water like nature

Mitte replaces bottled water with a smart water system. Create not just pure, but *healthy water.

Amount Raised:


403% of funding goal raised

Perfect Fit Wireless Earbuds With Endless Battery

ELWN FIT has solved the agony of other Bluetooth Earbuds: FIT & RUN TIME. Plus a built-in microphone

Amount Raised:


732% of funding goal raised

Art Story

An original animated feature film about a boy and his grandfather who get stuck in a vast and imaginative world of paintings.

Amount Raised:


104% of funding goal raised

Moonlite – A storybook projector for your mobile phone

Bring back the love of reading in a magical way. Simply attach Moonlite to your phone, pop in a story reel and begin projector reading.

Amount Raised:


1729% of funding goal raised

TreePod: A Spacious Hanging Retreat

Experience the luxury of a cabana & portability and suspension of a hammock for ultimate relaxation

Amount Raised:


1635% of funding goal raised

PICTAR. The best iPhone camera-grip ever built!

Unleash the power of your iPhone's camera for much better pictures, time after time!

Amount Raised:


319% of funding goal raised

TOUCH TIME: Digital Watch with Touch Screen

Next generation digital watch with a touch screen, Smartphone-like watch apps, "always on" display, and you never need to charge it.

Amount Raised:


629% of funding goal raised

cookoo™ – the watch for the connected generation

Stay connected anytime, anywhere with the cookoo watch—the wearable extension of your smartphone that helps manage your connected life.

Amount Raised:


204% of funding goal raised

The Sound Reactive LED Mask

An electro-luminescent mask for art and music lovers, back with 8 new designs.

Amount Raised:


2555% of funding goal raised

The Compact Travel Hoodie

Clothing that will let you travel the world with nothing more than a backpack.

Amount Raised:


810% of funding goal raised

The world’s best Sports, Travel and Outdoor Jacket

No compromises. 100% windproof. 100% waterproof. 49 Features + recyclable materials. Lightweight Outerwear fashion for your adventures.

Amount Raised:


882% of funding goal raised

The Last Pair You’ll Ever Need | Lifetime Warranty

LEZÉ the Label is a versatile clothing brand for the entrepreneurial spirit, made to fit every aspect of your life.

Amount Raised:


5112% of funding goal raised

Nordgreen – Luxury Scandinavian Design Watches

Affordable hand-crafted watches designed in Copenhagen by Jakob Wagner. Inspired by the city's minimalist design and sustainable values

Amount Raised:


1496% of funding goal raised

Musvalk. A fierce, yet small and elegant cutting tool.

A little knife made from materials found in spacecrafts: advanced ceramics, titanium and carbon fiber. Pre-order Now

Amount Raised:


994% of funding goal raised

Monkey Light Automatic: our best bike lights yet

3 new bike lights that delight, amaze and give you confidence on the road. Fully automatic with 360° visibility. Just ride your bike!

Amount Raised:


113% of funding goal raised

Shape Flexer: The world’s first shape-able stiff brim sunhat

Shape Flexer is a bendable shape-able crush-able durable super portable machine washable waterproof extra wind resistant Mega Sun Hat.

Amount Raised:


707% of funding goal raised

Slim TWO Smart Toilet Seat – Ultimate Bathroom Upgrade

Replace your toilet seat with a cleaner, healthier, and more eco-friendly Smart Toilet Seat. Experience why "Water Does It Better".

Amount Raised:


967% of funding goal raised

Vufine: a Handsfree Wearable Display

Vufine is a handsfree wearable display that allows you to enjoy the familiar functionality of your current technology in a new way.

Amount Raised:


482% of funding goal raised

Nimb: A Smart Ring That Helps You Feel Safe And Sound

Nimb is a ring with a concealed button that notifies family, friends, emergency services and the Nimb community when you’re in trouble.

Amount Raised:


476% of funding goal raised

Holus: The Interactive Tabletop Holographic Display

Holus provides a blend between the digital and real world by converting any digital content into a 3D holographic experience

Amount Raised:


469% of funding goal raised

BELLE – A Powerful Bluetooth Speaker and Subwoofer

Portable sound without compromise. Enjoy deep, powerful bass and the ability to sync multiple speakers of any brands, anywhere.

Amount Raised:


461% of funding goal raised

The Customizable Smart Band that Lights Up Your Night

Millions of colors and Light Effects respond to music and movement. Connect with friends. Express your style. Be part of the show.

Amount Raised:


461% of funding goal raised

PEEjamas: The Cleaner, More Convenient Way to Potty Train

Peejamas are a more affordable, fashionable & environmentally friendly way to potty train at night! "Look good peeing the bed!"

Amount Raised:


1625% of funding goal raised

Click – The First Watch Band Adapter for Apple Watch!

Personalize your Apple Watch without breaking the bank! Click lets you use any 22mm watch band with Apple Watch!

Amount Raised:


721% of funding goal raised

Kryo Sleep Performance System

Sleep doctors agree the ideal sleep temperature is between 60-68 degrees. Kryo makes that happen.

Amount Raised:


432% of funding goal raised

LifePrint | Print Photos That Come To Life In Your Hands!

Print Apple Live Photos, Vines, GIFs, and more with this Augmented Reality photo AND video printer! For IOS, Android, and GoPro

Amount Raised:


698% of funding goal raised

Titanium – Placing value in your hands

The combination of titanium and stainless steel forms a knife which is unlike anything else and we offer a complete series.

Amount Raised:


2399% of funding goal raised

The Action Jacket

Not your average running, hiking, outdoor, do anything jacket.

Amount Raised:


684% of funding goal raised

Fathom One | The Affordable, Modular, HD Underwater Drone

See the world in a new way with a full HD underwater drone that's easy to use, modular, portable, and exceptionally affordable.

Amount Raised:


132% of funding goal raised

Luminoodle Task – Flexible Utility Lighting

An ultra-thin, bendable, 3,600-lumen utility light that wraps, magnets, and snakes to where you need light the most.

Amount Raised:


381% of funding goal raised

Indestructible Sheer Tights Made With Bulletproof Fibers

The world’s first pair of indestructible sheer tights. Revolutionary patent pending design, made from fibers used in bulletproof vests.

Amount Raised:


760% of funding goal raised

Hudly Wireless: Next Gen Head-Up Display For All Cars

Drive smarter with a head-up display, a safer way to get directions, calls and texts without taking your eyes off the road.

Amount Raised:


367% of funding goal raised

TYPE – II : Camera Bag & Travel Kit

Our Type II Backpack - This bag is perfect for a lifestyle of adventure, trekking to and from the studio, the office or the mountains.

Amount Raised:


326% of funding goal raised

The Ultimate Snoring Solution – Comfortable & Affordable

Stop Snoring. Breathe Easy. Sleep Better. Please Your Partner. Wake Refreshed.

Amount Raised:


1235% of funding goal raised

World’s 1st smart wallet with solar + USB charge & tracking

Slim smart wallet with solar & USB recharge, built-in RFID protection and carbon fiber two-way tracking for your phone OR wallet.

Amount Raised:


3550% of funding goal raised

The Jül: Heated Smart Mug for Coffee & Tea

An intelligently designed tumbler that keeps hot beverages at the perfect temperature from the first sip to the last drop.

Amount Raised:


351% of funding goal raised

The Only 3D Audio, Voice Search & Noise Canceling Headphones

Touch control, motion sensors, patented MAF technology & music storage make FIIL Diva Pro the most advanced headphones ever invented.

Amount Raised:


344% of funding goal raised

MiaMily HIPSTER Plus 3D Baby Carrier

The first innovative 3D baby hip carrier with storage pocket allowing you to be TRULY handsfree by MiaMily, A Swiss Brand

Amount Raised:


681% of funding goal raised

SOMNOS Weighted Comforter for Natural Deep Sleep

Meet SOMNOS®: the therapeutic weighted comforter that relieves stress and insomnia waking you up feeling refreshed and energized!

Amount Raised:


716% of funding goal raised

WeatherAtPoint – World’s Smallest Weather Station

Real-time, accurate weather measurements straight to your mobile device at the blink of an eye

Amount Raised:


118% of funding goal raised

Get Purer Hot Water with World’s Most Advanced Water Heater

Introducing the all new MODEL 3 Water Heater by Heatworks with Ohmic Array Technology

Amount Raised:


132% of funding goal raised

Arki: Your Walking Coach

A wearable band that analyzes your walking posture and helps to walk healthy, provides your body balance & tracks your daily activities

Amount Raised:


164% of funding goal raised

LABFRESH – Odor & Stain Repellant Cotton Shirts

Stain and odour repellent t-shirts in 100% cotton.

Amount Raised:


1085% of funding goal raised

HALO BELT 2.0 – Bright LED Illuminated Safety Belt

Halo Belt 2.0 is the perfect bright and rechargeable safety device for runners, cyclists, and much more.

Amount Raised:


1624% of funding goal raised

Swash 1400 – Intelligent Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat

Using toilet paper is gross… stop smearing! Wash instead, with the Brondell Swash bidet seat.

Amount Raised:


530% of funding goal raised

World’s First Tuneable Wireless Earbuds

Phantom Air is the NEW benchmark for wireless earbuds. Tuneable, high quality sound and high battery life that recharges on the go.

Amount Raised:


185% of funding goal raised

DeltaMaker: An Elegant 3D Printer

A clean and elegant personal 3D printer built on a delta robot platform.

Amount Raised:


143% of funding goal raised

MOKURU: The Amazing Desk Toy That You Can Take Anywhere!

MOKURU is the unique & inventive desk toy that’s easy to flip, roll and do tricks with, giving you endless possibilities of fun!

Amount Raised:


1525% of funding goal raised

Kleverness: The World’s Smartest Lighting System

Kleverness lets you fully automate your home’s lighting and control everything remotely with no modifications or special bulbs

Amount Raised:


300% of funding goal raised

Flip! The World’s Most Intuitive Smart Stylus

Meet the stylus that works like the pencil you grew up with. Flip has the features of an active stylus without Bluetooth or batteries!

Amount Raised:


1989% of funding goal raised

myType™ Pocketable Bluetooth Keyboard for Phones & Tablets

myType™ Keyboard wirelessly pairs with iPhone, iPad & Android via Bluetooth to create an office in your pocket™ while you're on the go!

Amount Raised:


1491% of funding goal raised

CycleBoard: World’s Most Versatile Stand-up Electric Scooter

This 20-mph Electric Scooter's intuitive lean-to-steer system and stable design make it the perfect scooter for riders of all ages

Amount Raised:


211% of funding goal raised

Bluetooth Earbuds w/ Magnetic Docking

Disentangle from the cumbersome earbud cord; add new functionality to your digital lifestyle.

Amount Raised:


482% of funding goal raised

Puffy Kachula – A Cozy & Functional Blanket Ready for It All

A durable, packable, and snuggle-soft puffy blanket for your next camping trip, festival, picnic, or cozy night in. Use it anywhere!

Amount Raised:


585% of funding goal raised

2017 Make Shit Happen Planner

This isn't just a planner; it's a journal, a notebook, and a workbook to make your dreams and goals your reality! Make Shit Happen!

Amount Raised:


140% of funding goal raised

AUTOMATICA ONE Dive Watch by Mansfield Time

The AUTOMATICA ONE Dive Watch // Maximum Durability & Incredible Value // Automatic - Double Sapphire - 20ATM - 2 Year Warranty

Amount Raised:


550% of funding goal raised

LEVITAT: The Revolutionary Aerial Mat

The ultimate suspended mat. Comfortably fits 3 adults or 5 kids. Hammock, bed, yoga mat, sunshade & much more!

Amount Raised:


814% of funding goal raised

flatev – The Artisan Tortilla Maker

Fresh Tortillas at the Touch of a Button

Amount Raised:


272% of funding goal raised

NeuroPlus: Brain-sensing Headset Improves Focus

Scientifically proven to boost attention. Find your potential with NeuroPlus!

Amount Raised:


135% of funding goal raised

Aryzon – 3D Augmented Reality for Your Smartphone

The Aryzon headset has been completely redesigned! Better AR visuals, comfortable wearing, and easy assembly.

Amount Raised:


440% of funding goal raised

Bixi: Gesture Control Any Smart Device by Simply Waving!

A multi-functional touch-free Smart Controller, Bixi senses your in-air gestures and commands your devices for a distraction-free use!

Amount Raised:


501% of funding goal raised

Capsule: The World’s Most Advanced Pocket Cinema

A soda-can size smart projector with a 360° speaker, Android 7.1 and extended playtime.

Amount Raised:


615% of funding goal raised

SOLOSOCKS 2.0 – A Unique Solution To Missing Socks

The first ever organic, sustainable, innovative, high-end, designer socks. No more pairing socks. No more wasting socks.

Amount Raised:


517% of funding goal raised

The BitzBlade 2.0 – The Last Multi-Tool You’ll Ever Need

The evolution of the multi-tool with 26 features packed into a sleek design ready for your everyday carry adventures

Amount Raised:


1212% of funding goal raised

Even more Awesome Wood Toys

Throwback wood toys, made from solid wood and inspired by vintage cars. Beautiful, nearly indestructible and super fast rolling.

Amount Raised:


396% of funding goal raised

Apollo Watches – The regulator watch inspired by Space

We are driven by the idea of developing a new craft of watchmaking to honor the aerospace industry with the use of innovative design

Amount Raised:


475% of funding goal raised

BOD: The Ultimate Cold Brew Coffee System

The first compact, modular & completely portable cold brew coffee system. Its spill-proof, shatter-proof design allows you to brew, anytime anywhere, simplifying the cold brew process.

Amount Raised:


471% of funding goal raised

KuaiFit – Waterproof Sport Headphones with Smart Coaching

KuaiFit are the only multi-sport smart headphones to automatically measure your body/performance during any sport, providing adaptive real-time voice coaching.

Amount Raised:


188% of funding goal raised

World’s Most Comfortable Work Pants by AirFlex Labs

A Polyamide and Cotton blend w/ 5x Stretch. Gel Padded Waistband for All Day Comfort. Reinforced Details. Designed for Heavy Wear

Amount Raised:


952% of funding goal raised

The Ultimate No-Ride-Up Underwear & ProTailor™ Tee

Softer than silk, more breathable than linen, more absorbent than cotton: the innovative fabric that's anti-odor & sustainably built.

Amount Raised:


455% of funding goal raised

Decibullz: Easy and Affordable Custom Molded Earphones

Earphones easily and quickly molded to the unique shape of your ears for a perfect-fitting earphone that sounds great and stays put.

Amount Raised:


282% of funding goal raised

MOBICASE – the ultimate ‘anywhere’ workstation bag

20+ features. Inbuilt laptop stand. Work in cafes, planes, and anywhere you want without compromise.

Amount Raised:


443% of funding goal raised

Pause Pod – Your Private Pop-up Space for Relaxation

You deserve a Pause. At home, on-the-go, at work. Recharge with Night on demand. Meditate, power nap, read, home cinema and much more.

Amount Raised:


960% of funding goal raised

Mr. Everything: All-in-One Charging, Power & Speaker Station

The ultimate charging companion with speakers, lighting, a power bank and more for all of your smart devices.

Amount Raised:


109% of funding goal raised

The Naya Health Smart Bottle

Smart bottles that make it easier for you to meet your baby's nutritional needs.

Amount Raised:


109% of funding goal raised

Astro – The worlds only “pure audio” Bluetooth speaker!

The worlds only "pure audio" portable speaker. Other speakers change the music to manage distortion. We do not. Ships for Christmas.

Amount Raised:


144% of funding goal raised

Ultra Suit · The Most Advanced & Eco-friendly Suit

The world's first waterproof, anti-stain, ultra stretchable, UV protected, wrinkle free, breathable, anti-odour and eco-friendly suit.

Amount Raised:


718% of funding goal raised

PENNER | A Ridiculously Comfortable Shoe For Women

Do your shoes give you blisters? Do your feet stink? Do your feet ache after a long day? We might just have the solution.

Amount Raised:


426% of funding goal raised

THE 2-IN-1 SWIM SHORTS – The World’s Most Comfortable Shorts

Introducing The World's First 2-in-1 Swim Shorts With Integrated Swim Boxers For Optimum Comfort And Exceptional Support

Amount Raised:


634% of funding goal raised

Titanium Mechanical Pencil And Titanium Pen

A High-End, Fully-Titanium Mechanical Pencil And Pen. Probably The World's Greatest Writing Instruments... Made To Last A Lifetime!

Amount Raised:


2125% of funding goal raised

Seasons Blanket. Waterproof. Comfortable. Built to Last.

A durable blanket for everyday use. Made to last a lifetime. Not Your Grandma's quilt. Comfortable on top, heavy duty on the bottom.

Amount Raised:


1307% of funding goal raised

Sundots: Sun Protection In a Daily Gummy

Sundots are the world's first gummy for sun protection. Based on 30 years of sun protection science.

Amount Raised:


522% of funding goal raised

MATRIX – The World’s First Smart Home App Ecosystem

A platform where people around the world can build and download apps for their home and business. Includes 3 killer apps!

Amount Raised:


104% of funding goal raised

IOFIT: The First Smart Shoes To Improve Your Golf Game!

IOFIT is the world’s first smart shoes that helps golfers quickly and smartly improve their game while having fun.

Amount Raised:


100% of funding goal raised

Anvil: the TRUE USER-FRIENDLY 3D printer for EVERYONE

A 3D printer focusing on user-experience with auto loading, lego-like modeling App, remote control and high quality printing

Amount Raised:


102% of funding goal raised

CarWink – Making the road a more connected place

The world's first car device allowing you to communicate with other drivers through animation.

Amount Raised:


128% of funding goal raised

RECOVR Blankets – Weighted Blankets for a Restful Sleep

A weighted blanket tailored to be 10% of your body weight and simulates a gentle hug distributing pressure across your body as you rest

Amount Raised:


438% of funding goal raised

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