Each day, our team comes to the office prepared to not just create quality work, but also provide a good experience for all of our clients. We take pride in having clients who are completely satisfied after every product we develop, crowdfunding project we manage or ecommerce marketing campaign we create. Don’t take our word for it, though; see what our past and current clients have to say about working with us.
  • I was impressed by [Enventys Partners’] portfolio of past campaigns and intrigued by the merger to strengthen core capabilities of their services. I evaluated them based on promptness to respond, enthusiasm for our project and overall recommendations to get more impressions and backers. They exceeded my expectations even though we didn’t obtain higher returns on campaign funding than we planned. The campaign was effective in helping us to gauge what people thought about our product, pricing and overall marketing communications.

    Yared Akalou



  • Enventys Partners was very responsive and an excellent partner all-around; they took all of our concerns (of which there were many, as we were crowdfunding newbies) into consideration and really listened to what we had to say. They never made a budget suggestion without justification, and never took the route that would lead to a bigger paycheck for themselves if the campaign didn’t benefit. I would work with them again in a heartbeat.

    Annie Breen

    PR & Marketing Manager


  • Using EP can dramatically simplify the complex nature of launching a product on Kickstarter, especially if it’s your first time using the platform. I would tell them that the project management team will stay on top of everything, that your page will look fantastic, and the combination of these factors should result in a successful campaign.

    Charles Crisan


    Bindle Bottle

  • The team came through with detailed help on what we needed and with a wide array of strategies and suggestions, both during the pre-campaign period and throughout the campaign. They were responsive to communication on a day-to-day basis and were accommodating when we needed to talk.

    Kiyoshi Iwai


    CERO Electric Cargo Bike

  • They give you options and want your input and are very knowledgeable in determining the correct targeted ad spend. I would recommend Enventys Partners to anyone seeking to have a successful kickstarter campaign.

    Dave Gutow


    Evolution Brush

  • We loved working with the team and would definitely recommend them for any other projects looking for support during crowdfunding. We raised $1.8M in 40 days, joining only 254 other projects to raise more than $1M, and we definitely share the credit with Enventys [Partners].

    Antonia Saint Dunbar

    Co-Founder / CEO

    Antonia Saint NY

  • We have enjoyed working with the team overall. I like that each person was dedicated to a different KPI of our campaign. We really appreciate all the hard work

    Tony Hendrix


    Parásole 3D Recovery Socks

  • Enventys [Partners’] professional approach to the project, and ability to project manage without being prompted was especially appreciated and effective.

    John Fiorentino


    Moon Pod: A Zero-Gravity Bean Bag

  • The difference with [Enventys Partners] was that they really wanted me to succeed. The others were just treating me as another project

    Rahul Agarwal



  • They adapt their plans based on what works for our business.

    Todd Youngblood


    Chili Technology / Kryo

  • “Responsive and fast…Team members are easy to reach and we get instant feedback from them.”

    “Organized, result-oriented and able to deliver on their promise.”

    Joseph Faltaous



  • Supportive, candid, solid…working with the team has been great. [The team has] been fantastic, very communicative and supportive during the campaign.

    Kyle Bergman



  • Knowledgeable. Thorough. Fair.

    “Enventys [Partners] works in a collaborative manner yet leads with their knowledge and experience of the process. It is a great group whether it is your first crowdfunding experience or you have multiple previous launches. They are kind and responsive when working through problematic issues that may arise.

    Ronald Lynch


    Rove Gym

  • “We are strongly focused on the ROI, and the results were great, so we are satisfied.”

    “When it comes to FB ads, they provided the best ROI among the many agencies we had.”

    Philip Johansson


    Zen Blanket

  • Solid, reliable and effective. [Enventys Partners] was outstanding to work with, showing creativity and a true understanding of the bigger and longer-term picture for our product — something very important to us.

    Matt Feinman



  • “Responsive. Trustworthy, Helpful.”

    “Good interaction and communication.”

    “Good understanding of crowdfunding”

    Dennis Colonello



  • This is our first rodeo, so we wanted to work with someone who had done this before and was really skilled at it, and the team has been so receptive and so available. There were times where I’ve been a little anxious, and frankly, I wanted someone to hold my hand. That has been so cool that you guys have been there for us, so it’s been awesome.

    John Stanley



  • Enventys Partners is professional, experienced and reasonable. They will take care of your project like it’s their own

    Shirley Tan


    Posture Keeper

  • Enventys Partners is helpful, communicative, clear and kind. If you need help with ad management, have been losing dollars with unclear explanations on ad spend or if you need someone with access to PR, Enventys is a good choice.

    Victor Soto


    TYPE – II : Camera Bag & Travel Kit

  • From research, we found out that Enventys Partners is one of the highest performing and most trusted crowdfunding agencies. The team was very reactive to change and our queries. They are experienced and knowledgable in their field.

    Furo X Series

  • Enventys Partners was great to work with and went the extra mile to help me make it a success. They were upfront and I feel like you can trust them.

    Steve Atkinson



  • We were seeking a marketing partner to assist with our Kickstarter social media marketing. I had seen some of their work with other campaigns (under command partners). The campaigns they’ve worked with are all very put together, and do very well. We had a great experience. They are very skilled in social media marketing, and can increase the traffic to your website

    Brooklyn Explorer Pants

  • Enventys Partners was willing to work and get backers for my project. They know what to do and how to do it.

    Starbrick Be4 Earphones

  • I am beyond pleased with the prototype! Thank you for making it exactly as I imagined it. I truly appreciate all of you and your teams hard work in making my dream a reality!

    Latoia Williams

    Bling Board

  • Enventys Partners is a professional team that is quick to resolve issues and answer questions. They were able to achieve a strong positive ROI very quickly, within weeks rather than months.

    Matthew Conte

    Founder & Engineer

    Outbound Lighting

  • Enventys Partners played an integral role in the early stages of our now successful and growing business. Not only was the team incredibly responsive, supportive and collaborative, but they provided the expertise we needed to meet our initial financial goals. As a result of their industry connections, we were also able to land one of our key investors, Shark Tank’s own Kevin Harrington, which is a relationship that has since paid off in dividends. The foundation Enventys Partners provided allowed us to build the business we always envisioned.

    Laura Wagner

    Founder, Chief Visionary Officer


  • I appreciate their nimble style and structure and ability to deliver on results quickly. The account teams are well structured, accountable, and savvy in their areas of expertise. Enventys has been a real pleasure to work with, and I would highly recommend them to colleagues and friends.

    Vivan Lee


  • Enventys Partners is very professional, and they certainly have a lot of experience to draw on. They know their stuff when it comes to crowdfunding, including the tricks and methods to get a really solid raise. They are very responsive and have a proven method.

    Glen Feder

    CEO and Inventor


  • From the initial designs, through producing the prototype and all the way up to the campaign, [Enventys Partners] was on hand to offer advice, ideas and support. Out of all the partners we worked with on this (IT, Advertising, Finance) [Enventys Partners] was the most proactive and responsive. The design idea was superb, and the project prototype allowed us to show the potential customer a real live version rather than just a computer model.

    Jon Lunn

    The Level Up

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