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White papers, guides and other online resources from industry thought-leaders in product design and development, crowdfunding and ecommerce marketing.


Educational Resources for Product Development, Crowdfunding and Ecommerce Marketing


If you’re looking for helpful information that addresses some of the most common questions and challenges crowdfunding campaign creators and consumer product companies face, browse through our guides and other online resources.

We’ve taken our experience with hundreds of crowdfunding projects and ecommerce marketing campaigns to create tools designed to equip you with what you need to know to successfully create, market and sell your product.

  • Everything You Need to Know About Writing an Amazon Product Listing

    This guide will help you sell your products on Amazon by focusing in on how to understand Amazon’s algorithm, how to conduct keyword research and how to write a competitive product listing, followed by an in-depth checklist that will ensure you’ve followed all the necessary steps before you start selling on Amazon.

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  • Selling On Amazon 101

    Selling On Amazon 101 Don’t have time to read this article? Not a problem! We can easily send you a copy to read when you have more free time. Simply tell us where to send the guide and we’ll get it to you right away. Yes! Send Me the Guide Introductio …

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  • Guide: Why You Should Sell On Amazon & Everything You Need To Know Before You Get Started

    If you’re running an ecommerce business or selling products online, the fact of the matter is, you also need to consider selling on the online retail giant, Amazon. This guide outlines the pros and cons of selling on Amazon, as well as what you’ll need to consider when determining if Amazon is the right fit for you.

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  • Guide: How to Prepare Your Product for a Crowdfunding Campaign

    In this concise, comprehensive guide, we show how we evaluate if a product is a good fit for crowdfunding and the process to get it ready for launch.

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  • Ecommerce Guide: Getting Ready for the Holidays

    Everyone who works in retail or ecommerce knows one fact to be true – holiday sales are critical to the health of a business. Our guide outlines how to market your business during the holidays to increases sales so that you finish the year strong.

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  • Equity Crowdfunding & THE JOBS Act: A Presentation by Kendall Almerico

    Meet Kendall Almerico, one of the country’s leading crowdfunding and JOBS Act attorneys, and learn more about equity crowdfunding.

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