Cross Promotions

Through facilitating cross-promotion opportunities, our team strategically places your project in front of new, potential backers during your crowdfunding campaign.

Find New Backers With Our Cross-Promotion Strategies For Crowdfunding.

Cross-promotional marketing allows you to engage with those interested in crowdfunding as well as get in front of a new audience by organizing your campaign promotions with other project creators. Through this straightforward, and most often free, technique, we are able to help showcase your product to fans who might not otherwise be met through public relations or paid advertising. Our cross-promotional strategies are just another way we create the most effective and holistic approach for your crowdfunding marketing strategy to get your campaign in front of as many people as possible.

We Strengthen Your Relationship With Fellow Project Creators And New Fans.

Due to the fact that cross-promotional marketing opportunities change daily, our cross-promotion specialists comb through the latest crowdfunding projects daily and work tirelessly to evaluate and coordinate the most effective cross-promotional opportunities for your crowdfunding campaign.

The art of cross promotion is so much more than simply reaching out to fellow project creators. Through our combined years of experience, we know the importance of constructing the most engaging pitches and blurbs, as well as selecting the best assets, for the most effective cross-promotion opportunities. By working with projects that are complementary, not competing, we’re able to find opportunities for new fans while solidifying trust with your current backers. We take into account the validity of a project, their goals and funding numbers, their press, the content of their project and more to ensure that you are maximizing your potential and alignment when it comes to cross promotions.

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