DIY Crowdfunding Promotion: How To Promote Your Own Campaign

Launching your crowdfunding campaign is the first step in a journey that could end with you introducing a product that changes your industry – if your project hits its funding goal, that is. Below, we’ve rounded up a few simple strategies to boost your chances of hitting your funding goal and successfully launching your new product. Crowdfunding promotion and marketing is an entire industry (one we’ve built a reputation in) but there are simple steps you can take yourself to be more successful.

Share Your Project With Your Inner Circle

It is essential that you let your friends, family members, social media followers and business contacts know that you have launched a crowdfunding campaign and asking for their support. If you don’t feel comfortable asking them to financially support the campaign, simply ask them to share with their networks. In fact, asking people in your inner circle to promote your campaign as opposed to investing in your campaign can make them more motivated to pitch in and lend a hand – and then maybe still donate as you get closer to your goal.

Throw a Launch Party

A launch party is an effective crowdfunding promotion technique, and it does not have to cost you much money to host. You can even use your house or office space for the festivities, and then invite people you know so that they can see a small presentation you’ve created about the product you hope to build.

It is always best to use visual images, such as mockups and computerized beta versions of what your product could look like, to get people excited about the possibilities and reaching for their credit cards.

Leverage Your Crowdfunding Site

Monitor your Kickstarter or Indiegogo page and make sure you respond to all comments and questions within 24 hours. This demonstrates to investors and prospective backers that you care about what they think. More importantly, answering just one question can make the difference between someone backing your project and someone passing on your campaign.

Promotion Never Ends

Crowdfunding promotion can ensure that you attract quality investors to fund your campaign. However, remember that you have to promote your campaign all the time, whether that means creating business cards you can hand out when you are on the go or talking up your project at social gatherings.

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