Product Development


TOTALTOOTH™: A noticeably better clean.

Dr. Bal Brar set out to create a three-sided pivoting toothbrush head with a universal fit for all Phillips Sonicare™ toothbrushes. He was referred to Enventys Partners because of the team’s extensive experience in the medical and health space, as well as their sourcing and manufacturing capabilities.

Enventys Partners worked to provide product strategy, industrial design, engineering, prototyping, sourcing, fulfillment and manufacturing services, ultimately resulting in the Embrace TotalTooth toothbrush head.

Our Approach

The Enventys Partners product development team set out to create a toothbrush head that provided a quality brushing experience independent of the user.

The team immediately recognized that Dr. Brar’s idea for a three-sided toothbrush would present unique challenges as it is so different than existing oral hygiene products. Not only would they face the difficulty of creating a product that manufacturers weren’t accustomed to producing, but they also needed to find a way to convey the intent of the product and visually show the new technology to the industry by highlighting key features and differentiators without pushing consumers away. They were inspired by existing products in the dental industry, as they needed to maintain industry design trends while still creating a new technology.

The team began by repurposing off-the-shelf products with similar bristles that they modified to fit their design. Using rapid prototyping and machining, they created more than 10 prototypes to ensure pivot, bristles and fit were seamless, then solicited industry-leading dentists to test the product on themselves and patients, and provide critical feedback.


The Enventys Partners product development team created a toothbrush head that self-aligns and thoroughly cleans the entire tooth surface, making this a great toothbrush for all users, especially kids, seniors, assisted living caregivers and more.

Embrace TotalTooth is now available for purchase on their website and on Amazon.