DonJoy: TrizonE

Product Development

The Right Fit

DonJoy came to Enventys Partners wanting to create a compression brace for joints with more zoned pain relief than a standard sleeve. The brace needed to allow users of all ages and sizes to maintain an active lifestyle while delivering high-performance, targeted pain relief.


Our Approach

The sleeve needed a low-profile design, so the product development experts at Enventys Partners developed a unique process that would inject silicon directly onto a compression sleeve, as well as a custom knit (carbonized bamboo) that would mold the silicone onto the sleeve without damaging or sinking through the material. This would also get the knit to line up with the silicone shape exactly every time.

The Results

Ultimately, Enventys Partners was able to work with DonJoy to create a compression sleeve with the following features:

  • TriZone Knee combines the benefits of proprioception and compression into one fast application.
  • Zoned compression delivers customized, focused function and targeted relief.