Product and Technology Predictions for CES 2019

As the year winds down, our team is anxiously anticipating the arrival of CES 2019. This past year has seen many innovations in technologies including IOT connectivity, artificial intelligence and much more, and we are excited to get a first look at all the new products and technologies coming to the market next year.

Below we’ve listed out a few of our predictions for consumer product trends at CES 2019.

Smart home technologies will continue to take over.

Smart home technology has reigned at CES in the past years, and we expect that trend to continue this year. From innovations in kitchen appliances to added connectivity in other home products, we expect smart home products will remain a major trend at CES.

IoT connectivity will reach new frontiers.

In the past year, it seems that nearly every industry has been touched by IoT technology, and we expect to see that on an even grander scale at CES this year. In addition to making a product more innovative, adding IoT technology makes it easier for companies to connect to their customers to improve customer relations and customer satisfaction, and allows businesses to increase their revenue streams by collecting data they can then sell. Look for this technology in products in a wide range of industries at CES 2019 and beyond.

Even more products will become compatible with Amazon Echo and other home assistants.

From lighting products to thermostats and more, it seems that every new product is compatible with products like Amazon Echo and Google Home. At CES 2019 we expect to see Amazon Echo and Google Home-compatibility in even more products, from baby gear to exercise equipment and more.

Baby gear will get more high tech.

Last year at CES we saw products like the Willow hands-free breast pump, the Nanit smart monitor, the Owlet Smart Sock and more. This year we expect to see a surge in similar high tech baby gear designed to make parenting a little one easier than ever before. Specifically, we expect to see baby products with increased compatibility with other gadgets such as Amazon Alexa, Apple Watch and more.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning will reach new industries.

The past few years has brought about incredible innovations in artificial intelligence and machine learning, and we predict that this technology will infiltrate consumer goods in a big way this year. AI is poised to provide product developers with new ways to improve the overall customer experience by building products that are optimized to the specific user. We specifically expect to see AI and machine learning take over the smart home and home goods industries through robotic appliances; think along the lines of the Roomba, but with improved technology fit for the year 2019.

Health and wellness, fitness and sleep products will continue to dominate.

In recent years, we’ve seen a ton of wellness products at CES, and we only expect that trend to continue. With more than 175 exhibitors in the Fitness & Technology, Health & Wellness and Sleep Tech marketplaces this year, we fully anticipate to see this again at CES 2019.

Are you attending CES this year? We hope to see you there!