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Why should you outsource your product development? When you start examining the time, money and resources it will take to get it to market, the advantages will become obvious.

Why should you outsource your product development? When you start examining the time, money and resources it will take to get it to market, the advantages will become obvious.

The High Cost of Developing Your Own Product

A major expense to launch a product, whether you are a new or established company, is the people you will need to develop and craft said product. Your first step will be producing a design that can be used by a manufacturer to bring your concept to reality. You will have to hire personnel to assist you. Your staff will likely include a mechanical engineer and industrial designer.

A mechanical engineer with mid-level experience earns approximately $77,000 a year. A more experienced engineer commands a salary of $95,000-$115,000. A mid-level designer will draw from $64,000-$80,000, depending on experience. Rather than seeking out individual employees, an outsourcing company can provide you with a full team of experienced engineers, technical softgoods designers and manufacturing experts.

The Perspective Experienced Product Developers Provide

With all the details of bringing a concept to life, choosing your path forward can become daunting and confusing. Experts who have been up against the problems you face and found solutions can lend fresh points of view that will spark ideas to develop your product more quickly and efficiently. They will also make you aware of pitfalls that have been encountered in the past and ways to avoid them. Experienced eyes can help you discover opportunities that were not apparent when you first visualized your invention.

Escape the black box

Huge organizations will waste considerable amounts of time and money trying to sell your idea internally before even starting development.

Find a product development company that is faster on its feet. Get your initial concept to a prototype, and hit the accelerator from there. You can give decisionmakers something they can see and touch, rather than a nebulous grasp of the concept stage.

A deep understanding of manufacturing

Enventys Partners has the expertise in manufacturing to take your idea entirely through the development process. We offer complete design and engineering packages. From plans through prototyping and feasibility testing, we will bring your project to the point where a manufacturer can begin production on a market-ready product without unnecessary delays.

Enventys can do more than just provide you with engineering and design services. Our team specializes in sourcing, manufacturing and fulfillment. With offices in the U.S. and abroad, we have the connections to help you make the best decision for your product’s future.


It is essential for you not only to find the right materials for your product but also to obtain them quickly and economically. We know where to look for what you need, and we know what it should cost. Enventys will eliminate the frustration of endless net searches and unproductive contacts.


Manufacturers offer a wide range of services and vary widely in their capabilities. Whether it is a choice between fabrication methods or finishing techniques, we understand how to make the most viable selections. Your product will meet your specifications and ship within a reasonable time frame.


Your product may require warehousing. It must also reach store shelves promptly and in excellent condition. Enventys will help you locate the storage, packaging and shipping solutions you need to impress your customers and build your brand.


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With over fifteen years of successful product development projects under out belts, Enventys Partners is one of the largest and most experienced product launch companies in the industry.

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