Email Marketing: It’s All About The Offer


It’s all about the offer. No , really. In order to be a successful advertiser or marketer, you’ve got to have a great offer to consumers.

In order for your email marketing efforts to be successful, you’ve got to have a great email offer. Crafting a quality offer is a combination of art and science, and those that understand how to create compelling offers will be rewarded with the response they desire.

So how do you create a great offer?

A great offer requires that you provide something of value, then present an easy way for people to take action on it.

Quality offers provide value by:
1. Saving time
2. Saving money
3. Creating opportunity

The type of offer you create should depend on the goals of your campaign. Goals may include increasing sales, creating leads, or generating awareness. Make sure your offer, when acted upon, will generate the success metrics that meet your business objectives.

How To Craft A Successful Offer:

In order to be successful with your offer, it must be attractive to your audience. Solve their problems. What is the source of their issues? How can you provide a solution to those issues? How can you generate a positive business result from that solution?

Once you understand what value your offer can provide, craft your offer so it is:
1. Easy to understand
2. Unique
3. Attractive to as wide an audience as possible
4. Sharable

Some things to consider when crafting an offer:

1. The best graphic design in the world can’t save a bad offer.
2. The lower the commitment, the easier it is to get a response.
3. Keep it simple. Complexity will drive down the response rate.
4. Timing is important. Present the offer to the right audience at the right time.

Make sure you consider not just the offer, but also the redemption process. Well-crafted offers provide an easy way for people to respond. Provide a path to conversion that is obvious and easy to follow. Minimize the steps and watch your conversion rate climb.

How much effort do you put into creating your offers? What offers have worked the best for you?

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