8 Tips For Scannable Email

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Sending a scannable email is one of the keys to success in email marketing. Customers aren’t likely to read every word you send, so make sure that key points come across when customers scan through your message.

Do you send a scannable email or a novel to your customers? The harsh reality is that email marketers only have a few seconds to capture the interest of the email recipient.

One of the biggest turn-offs for readers is seeing huge blocks of textual content. Very few people want to sit and read a lengthy email, even if it is on a topic they’re interested in.

Creating a scannable email will help generate interest in your content as the recipient will quickly review the message and dig in deeper where they find something of interest.

So how do you create scannable email content? Here are 8 tips:

1. Stacked content

When formatting your message, think about layering your content in stacks and not in columns. This will allow readers to easily scan each section as they move through the message visually.

If they find a piece of content they like they’ll review that section of the message, then take action or move to another section.

2. Write less copy

Only use as much copy as you need to get across your message.

Create shorter line lengths and shorter paragraphs. Break apart your paragraphs instead of creating blocks of content.

3. Use bold and italics

Applying formatting to text can help you lead the recipient’s eye to the most important copy in your message.

4. Use bullets and numbered lists

Bullets and numbered lists can make it easy to identify the main points within the message, and then provide supporting information for each item.

5. Use a preheader and title/headline

A preheader (the copy at the top of the message) will not only help get readers to your message but can set the tonality of the entire email. By providing an offer or announcing the message content, readers will quickly understand what you want them to know.

A title or headline can also provide value by creating interest in the message content. Think like a traditional newspaper, and write something compelling to draw readers interest.

6. Smaller images

Big, bulky images in an email can create visual roadblocks. Reconsider your email header and visual elements within the body to make sure that the images you include do not override the email content.

Also consider using smaller images so they load faster and better suit a mobile display.

7. Use white space

White space should be used effectively to break apart items in your email

8. Less content

By simply reducing the amount of content in your message you may get better results.

Providing only one offer in your retail message or reducing the number of articles in your newsletters will make the content more digestible. When content is easy to process results will follow.

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