BackerKit: What Crowdfunding Campaign Creators Need to Know

Information about the backers of your crowdfunding campaign is valuable, and it can be tracked with BackerKit. BackerKit is a platform that takes care of organizing all the data related to a campaign’s backers. It keeps track of shipping details, preferences, quantities, pledge levels and many other aspects of your crowdfunding campaign in order to simplify fulfillment after a successful campaign. This is exactly what crowdfunding campaign creators need to know.

How Does BackerKit Work?

BackerKit starts with a customizable survey that is sent to your backers. Using this survey, your backers can customize their pledges and choose add-on items they want to purchase. The information that your backers provide is then gathered into one organized database for your benefit.

While the survey is beneficial for your business, it also helps the backers get the most out of your project. For example, backers can upgrade their pledge and purchase any add-ons they are interested in.

Throughout the process, BackerKit will collect any shipping information that might be missing and make sure all payments go through promptly.

How Can BackerKit Help Me?

One of the most significant advantages of using BackerKit is that it helps you save time. For example, instead of manually keeping track of your backers’ information, BackerKit keeps track of the data internally.

Using BackerKit also means that your campaign doesn’t necessarily end when your Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign concludes. Instead, your backers will be able to adjust and increase their donations and manage their information all through the platform. You can also use it to encourage them to contribute to future campaigns by communicating with them regularly.

By relying on BackerKit for all your add-on purchases, you will be able to control inventory and keep better track of what your backers are purchasing, which will help you avoid shipping mistakes and problems. BackerKit also has a feature that allows you to set up pre-orders for your service or product. This tool becomes very helpful once your campaign concludes.

Finally, BackerKit also takes care of payments from your backers. The system tracks which backers have paid and what payments are missing. Failed payments will be automatically resubmitted for collection, which saves organizers from manually re-collecting payments. When you are ready to send out orders, BackerKit will automatically submit orders to your fulfillment center, and can easily integrate with third-party fulfillment software to make things even more simple.

How Do You Use BackerKit?

After signing up for BackerKit, you will need to take certain steps. The platform makes it easy though, telling you when to send out surveys and issue charges to your backers. Be sure to also issue refunds promptly and interact with your backers regularly.

Concluding your crowdfunding campaign on the right note will ensure the success of your product in the future. BackerKit helps you stay organized and prepared to send out shipments and collect payments from your backers. If you want to learn more about BackerKit and the ways in which it can benefit your crowdfunding campaign, get in touch today. We can help get you started with your post-campaign strategy.

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