Product Strategy

Our approach to product research and developing a product strategy is designed to ensure accountability and deliver exceptional results time and time again.

A good product strategy saves you time and money.

We’ll work with you from the beginning of your product development project, creating a bespoke product strategy to suit your exact needs. Using proven methodologies, we’ll uncover product and market insights that will help both you and our team make informative decisions throughout the entire product development process. For example, we often utilize ethnographic research methodologies to learn more about a concept for a new product and it’s environment. Ultimately, this helps us craft the ideal product development strategy.

Combining Product Research and Market Research to Develop the Perfect Product.

Our product development team has built hundreds of products, and we know the kind of research it takes to build a good consumer product. Using a thoughtful combination of design research and market research, we’ll come up with a plan to give you a product that fits your brand and resonates with your target audience. We know what it takes to create a new product development strategy that leads to success.

The product strategy process begins with product research; we get to know your concept inside and out, as well as how it relates to other products currently on the market. Our goal here is to gather the knowledge we need to create a preliminary design brief that will define the product feature set and drive the development program as we move forward into design and engineering.

Market research is also critical to launching a new product. We take a close look at how your product fits into the market, perform a gap analysis to identify opportunity in the marketplace, determine who is most likely to purchase your product, what features they’d like to see, how much they would pay and more.

How Can We Help?

Whether you need an all-encompassing strategy or assistance with a single service, we provide value for your new product launch. We offer crowdfunding, product development and digital marketing services, all under one roof.

Ready, Set, Launch

We truly shine when a client utilizes all three of our primary service offerings. Having one place to develop, launch and market your consumer product concept helps leverage efforts, reduce costs and simplify the process.

Media Inquiries

From inventors to entrepreneurs to engineers, Enventys Partners’ team is comprised of established and respected thought leaders. If your publication is looking for an interview or your event needs a speaker, let us know.