An Outdoor Revolution

Chris Crawford of Carlsbad, California came up with the concept for RinseKit after years of spending the day salty and sandy after an early-morning surf. With his knowledge of integrated water systems gleaned from a career in the pool construction industry, Crawford was able to create an early RinseKit prototype in his garage. RinseKit provides pressurized, portable water anywhere you need it.

Crawford came to Enventys Partners seeking help with a Kickstarter campaign to raise $30,000 in order to develop and manufacture a RinseKit accessory that heats the water so that it can be used as a portable shower.


Making a Splash on Kickstarter

Enventys Partners began working with Crawford well before the Kickstarter campaign launched in May 2016. Prior to launch, the Enventys Partners crowdfunding team created a landing page that would be used to collect email addresses of those interested in being among the first to back RinseKit on Kickstarter. The team’s PPC Specialist then use targeted Facebook Ads to drive traffic to the landing page and gather leads.

During this pre-launch phase, the team began building all RinseKit campaign materials, most notably content for the campaign page. This Kickstarter page content was designed to engage potential backers, provide information about the project and create a sense of urgency so that RinseKit would hit their $30,000 goal. Enventys Partners’ Social Media Manager also took over RinseKit’s social media accounts, creating content for before and during the campaign that would pique users’ interest in the project and drive traffic to the page. The team’s PR Specialist began creating media lists and taking care of preliminary media outreach in anticipation of launch.

Once the Kickstarter project launched, the Enventys Partners crowdfunding team continued to manage the campaign by posting regularly to Facebook, obtaining media coverage, managing Facebook Ads, updating backers and much more.


Exceeding the Funding Goal by More Than 1,000%

With Enventys Partners’ assistance, RinseKit was able to raise $396,299 from more than 24,000 backers. The project was 1,320% funded, and was featured by media outlets such a FOX, TODAY, CBS, Outdoor Retailer and GIGadgets. RinseKit’s Kickstarter project also caught the attention of the Shark Tank producers; during an appearance on the show in early 2017, Crawford made a deal with Daymond John.

  • Notable Press Hits: FOX, TODAY, CBS, Outdoor Retailer, GIGadgets
  • Total Amount Raised: $396,299
  • Total Backers: 2,412
  • Total Kickstarter Video Views: More than 35 million
  • Total Video Shares on Facebook: More than 400,000