An Integrated Approach to Developing and Launching New Products

Why work with multiple vendors and agencies to design, develop, launch and market your product when you could work with the same team throughout the whole process?

Our Product Development, Crowdfunding and Ecommerce Marketing Services Are Better When Paired Together.

Enventys Partners offers turnkey product launch services to take a new product from an idea or concept to a mass-produced and sold product. While each of our services provides great value individually, they are designed to work in unison. When one company develops, market tests, crowdfunds and then sells your consumer product online, the entire process become more efficient and more successful.

“The Whole Is Greater Than the Sum of its Parts.” ~Aristotle

Product Development

Our in-house product development team knows how to build products consumers want to buy. Furthermore, feedback from crowdfunding and ecommerce customers is relayed directly to our industrial designers. This enables product improvements when possible and more informed responses to your client base when not.


When our product designers and engineers design and prototype your product right alongside the crowdfunding team, we intimately know your product – its feature set, who it appeals to and what problems it solves. As David Oglivy said, “The more informative your advertising, the more persuasive it will be.”

Ecommerce Marketing

If we’ve developed your consumer product, we intimately understand what it is. If we run your crowdfunding project, we intimately understand who wants to buy it and for how much. That knowledge – of the product itself and whom it appeals to – means more informed marketing and a more successful ecommerce store.