Invest In Your Sleep

In 2000, Todd and Tara Youngblood founded T2 International, the parent company to Chili Technology in Mooresville, North Carolina. Inspired by their work with mattress companies and their family connection to the inventor of the waterbed, the Youngbloods started Chili Technology in 2007 to bring more advanced temperature-regulation technology to mattresses for those with temperature-related sleep problems.


Improved Existing Product Sales. Develop & Test New Product Lines.

In order to create a buzz about the upcoming campaign during the pre-launch period, the Command Partners team built a landing page for email collection, created Kryo-specific social media accounts, and ran targeted lead-generation ads as well as Facebook ads that directed fans to the landing page. While preparing for the campaign, the Command Partners team also crafted the campaign video script as well as the campaign page copy and rewards.
During the campaign the Facebook ads team targeted fans of Chili Technology and those looking to enhance their quality of sleep, while the social media content managers developed a strategy to share the news of Kryo on Twitter and Facebook. To increase overall exposure for the new sleep product, the Command Partners PR team created press materials and reached out to media contacts worldwide to generate sales and lead traffic to the campaign page.


328% Raised

Thanks to the SEO team’s ability to improve Chili Technology’s online ranking, the crowdfunding team was able to successfully raise over $127K for the Kryo Sleep Performance System in just 35 days.

  • Notable Press Hits: Digital Trends, GI Gadgets, Gadgetsin, TrendHunter, Product Hunt and GEARCULTURE
  • Total Amount Raised: $164,153
  • Total Backers: 860

Chili Technology & Kryo’s Owner, Todd Youngblood