Complete crowdfunding campaign management from pre-launch to product shipment and beyond.

Product Development, Market Validation and CrowdfundingNow Under One Roof.


If you’re thinking about running a crowdfunding campaign, or are currently in the middle of running one, rely on the team of crowdfunding experts at Enventys Partners to help you reach your goal. Formerly Command Partners, we were one of the first agencies in the industry to specialize in Kickstarter marketing, and our team has worked with some of the most successful projects on Kickstarter and other rewards-based platforms.

Building compelling campaigns, content, rewards, images and videos are all vital to the success of a Kickstarter project, so our Kickstarter marketers will work with you to build the perfect page. Once a campaign has launched, we strategically swarm online channels with targeted messaging, using a combination of social media and public relations techniques to ensure early adopters back your project.

Our Kickstarter marketing experts have helped hundreds of campaigns surpass their funding goal, and we can help you find success as well. 

Our merger to form Enventys Partners adds yet another facet: we have the expertise to manufacture, source, ship and license your project once it successfully crowdfunds.

tl;dr: We’re setup to be your partner for your product’s full life-cycle.

Building compelling campaign pages with captivating content, rewards, images, and videos are vital to the success of a Kickstarter project.