10 Email Marketing Commandments of Crowdfunding to Master (and What to Avoid)


It has been said time and time again- headers in email marketing are the most important aspect of any email marketing campaign and crowdfunding is no different. The ability to keep current customers and earn potential customers with a simple headline i …

It has been said time and time again- headers in email marketing are the most important aspect of any email marketing campaign and crowdfunding is no different. The ability to keep current customers and earn potential customers with a simple headline is a skill that takes time, trial and error, formulas and creativity to perfect. Even when you think you’ve perfected the strategy- there is always something new you could be trying (if you’ve had a consistent 100% open rate for a list of 500+, let us know, we’re always looking for great talent).

So, let’s get started with the seven email marketing commandments when it comes to crowdfunding.

Use Numbers

Our brain is naturally drawn to numbers, especially when our inboxes are full of headlines that are just jumbled words. Not only are numbers eye-catching, they also give the reader a short summary of what is inside the email.

Example 1: 10 reasons your should back [Enter Project Name Here]
Example 2: Follow these 5 Steps and get a free [Enter Project Name Here]

Appeal to Human Interest

There is a saying in the copywriting world that you can’t write a bad headline if it starts with the words ‘How to’. People love to learn new things. That is why there are so many articles, shows, YouTube channels, etc. showing people how to do something. These “How To’s” appeal to human interest and can be a useful tool when sending out newsletters or trying to direct traffic to your campaign page.

Example 1: How to use [Enter Project Name Here] and live a better life
Example 2: How to master the art of crowdfunding

Ask a Question

By asking a question in your email subject line, you are able to get inside the reader’s mind and make the reader think about how the topic applies to them personally. In our experience, it is best to find a question that makes the reader dig into their lives to answer the question. This is because by doing so, you are making the reader spend a longer amount of time thinking about your email, thus creating a deeper customer-business bond. For example, if your project is an alarm clock that is guaranteed to get you out of bed, some email headlines might be:

Example 1: Are you a snooze button abuser?
Example 2:  Do you have trouble waking up in the morning?

Announce Something

When you launch your campaign, it is extremely important to announce the launch to your email subscribers. This will let them know that they can now back the project they have been so patiently waiting for. Another great time to announce something via email marketing is when your campaign funds. This encourages the subscribers to visit the page and encourages those who have not backed yet to select a reward since they are guaranteed to get your product.

Example 1: [Enter Product Name Here] is officially LIVE on Kickstarter
Example 2: [Enter Product Name Here] has FUNDED on Kickstarter

Show Urgency

This is a classic marketing tactic that is proven to work. When you make the reader aware that the clock is ticking, you give your email marketing lists the feeling of urgency. Whether your campaign is ending in 3 days or there are only 5 more Early Bird Rewards left before the price goes up, making the reader believe they need to act fast or miss out is a sure fire way to get your open rate up.

Example 1: Only 3 Early Bird rewards left, get them before they’re gone forever
Example 2: There are only 5 more days to get [Enter Project Name Here] before prices go up

Pique Curiosity

One thing those spammy Facebook posts do right is make you wonder what is on the other side of the post. Their tactic for clickbait is generally excellent and more and more news websites are picking up on this type of headline. The best curiosity-based headline leaves just enough to get the reader intrigued. By using this strategy, you compel the reader to open the email to learn more.

Example 1: You won’t believe what we just added as a stretch goal
Example 2: Find out how you can get a FREE [Enter Product Name here]

When all Else Fails, use a Formula

If you’re still having trouble thinking of a catchy headline for your email marketing campaign, there are various formulas to get you to the perfect one. According to Buffer App, the best formula for email headlines is Number + Adjective + Target Keyword + Promise. This is a headline that is a little longer but mixes in just about everything that can appeal to your subscribers, thus creating a headline that will likely be clicked.

Example 1: 10 easy email marketing tactics that get you results
Example 2: 5 exciting ways [enter product name here] can simplify your life

Now that we’ve covered the basics of writing a compelling, click-worthy headline, let’s journey into the biggest three “don’ts” when it comes to email marketing- these can be anything that could potentially be marked as spam or come off as just plain annoying.

Never use Social Media Characters

When you include # or @, in a headline for email marketing, they might stand out from the crowd compared wordy headlines, but when you glance at a subject line that has these characters, it automatically looks like spam. The email headline is not a twitter post or facebook update, so be sure to not treat it as such. On the other hand, emojis can be a fun tool to use when sending out emails to attract a youthful clientele. It is important to note though that sometime emojis don’t show up for some users depending on their operating software.

Example: Never miss another campaign update #winning #Kickstarter #yourock
Example: Hey @[Email Recipient’s Name], we’re LIVE on Kickstarter!


You don’t want to make your potential customers think you are yelling that them. Be sure to use your “inside voice” when writing your headline.


Try to Limit the use of Exclamation Points

When you include an exclamation point in your subject line, it makes you come off as needy. Many of the same headlines that are written with an exclamation make perfect sense without one and provide the same sense of urgency. So, just back away from the shift+1 function.

Example 1: Only 3 Early Bird rewards left, get them before they’re gone forever!!!
Example 2: Don’t miss these 10 reasons to back [Enter Project Name Here]!!!!!!

Study, review and memorize the 7 commandments and always check to make sure you’re not using any of the “don’ts” when you send our your next email marketing campaign. It is also important to note that sending email marketing more than once a week might be overkill unless you have to announce something big, like funding in a day or Early Birds selling out. Be sure to check your clicks in the email service you are using to see what is working for your audience and what isn’t. Remember, this can take time and practice, each campaign and audience is different.

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