Case Study

Kinflyte: A Look Back at 2020

The Background

Kinflyte, creators of posture-cueing bras and other intimates, started working with Enventys Partners since the launch of their crowdfunding campaign. After garnering Kickstarter success, our team continued assisting Kinflyte with post-crowdfunding efforts and marketing pre-order sales for two months. Once the brand was able to fulfill orders regularly, Enventys Partners initiated digital advertising and landing page development for their ecommerce site.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Kinflyte’s 2020 digital marketing strategy proved incredibly successful for the inclusive and sustainable apparel brand. See how we did it below.

Kinflyte’s inclusivity and sustainability and Enventys Partners’ paid ads expertise made for a lucrative ecommerce opportunity.

Our Approach

Enventys Partners created and drove advertising traffic to several high-converting landing pages throughout 2020’s cycle of promotions. Our landing pages featured between one and six products, depending on the campaign and goal, with high-quality assets and richly informative copy.

From March to July, our team drove traffic to a custom landing page, one that performed well since its launch in the fall of 2019, with a ongoing 20%-off campaign. We also sprinkled in a few limited-time offers to boost conversions.

In September, Kinflyte released new products through a pre-order campaign and by late October, began fulfilling and accepting regular orders.

To make the most of when more than 20% of Americans start holiday shopping, we launched a tiered holiday sales campaign beginning in mid-November. Our first holiday sale lasted two weeks and included a 30% off offer, free US shipping and a free gift, which was a new product release, a hair scrunchy. Kinflyte customers knew that products aren’t usually discounted by 30%, so they took advantage of this offer quickly. Immediately following this promotion, we offered 25% off, free shipping and this time, a face mask. We launched our final holiday sale the week of Christmas, offering 20% off plus free shipping.

Sales increase from March to July 2020


YoY from November 2019 to November 2020


Like most ecommerce businesses, Kinflyte experienced a decrease in sales following the 2019 holidays. By mid-February, however, sales figures started trending upwards, indicating Kinflyte would reach pre-holiday revenue levels by the end of Q1.


Then the COVID—19 Pandemic Happened


As expected, Kinflyte sales dropped dramatically in March of 2020. It’s no secret this was due to the pandemic severely affecting consumer confidence as well as delivery times. Additionally, due to safety reasons, Kinflyte was unable to accept returns for extended periods of time. Furthermore, fewer consumers were purchasing clothing, in general. Kinflyte was lucky, though since many of their products are considered loungewear or activewear, which people found useful for quarantine.


Growth in Sales


Rebounding from March, Kinflyte more quadrupled sales by July with the help of the 20%-off campaign!

Already, July 2020 sales figures surpassed all of Kinflyte’s November 2019 revenue goals.

 Growth didn’t stop there—from July to August, Kinflyte experienced a 22% sale increase.

 Additionally, Kinflyte’s new product pre-order release campaign increased sales by 33% from August to September.

 The holiday shopping season proved a huge success, too, with sales increased by 167% Year-over-Year from November 2019 to November 2020.


Other Accomplishments


Three of Enventys Partners’ landing pages were among Kinflyte’s top-performing webpages in all of 2020. And while we didn’t do PR for Kinflyte, the founder, Vivian Lee, was able to secure coverage on her own and was featured in Wired Magazine and The Strategist — New York Magazine.


Diversity is Key


As an inclusive, body-positive brand, Kinflyte featured diverse models throughout their landing page and ad imagery. Since the models were of all shapes, sizes, and races, the brand connected with a wider audience so a variety of women could see and understand how Kinflyte would look on them.