Ungagged Conference 2017 – World-Class SEO Experts Will Spill It All

For those unfamiliar with the UnGagged conference, the concept is simple; a conference where speakers get to tell all without limitations or product pitches. The key advantage of this conference is that the expert speakers don’t feel obligated to hide details or leave the audience feeling interested but still lost enough to contact them for their services instead of taking on the task themselves.

I’m extraordinarily excited to announce that I will be attending UnGagged 2017 in Vegas this November. If you’re a fan of getting caught up talking about data and analytics or a new SEO strategy / technique to try out, you need to hunt me down as soon as you arrive. Having chosen to pursue a degree in marketing analytics, discussions that mentions data analysis cause my nerdiness to show in spades. If you’re a nerd too, come join me at UnGagged and we’ll get lost in over analyzing and breaking down the processes from a presentation earlier in the day at the bar, or forget that the rest of the crowd exists as we discuss lookup tables during one of the networking events.

Tickets are available here on the UnGagged Conference Website. Book soon for Early Bird pricing.

Some SEO expert presentations you can find me at:

Joe Sinkwitz: Influence is the new link buying

An examination of how influencer networks are being used as a proxy for purchasing blog posts.

Tim Ash: The Emperor Has No Clothes – Why Your Optimization Program is Failing And What To Do About It

Optimization authority Tim Ash will help you identify common issues with your online marketing programs, and give you a clear roadmap for dealing with them. A no-bullshit Q&A will follow.

Lance Bachmann: Going Beyond the Conversions: What You Can Learn From Advanced Tracking Description

Lance will familiarize the audience with the best strategies to use in order to identify which of their conversions are translating into dollars so they can fully understand, and ultimately leverage, their sales funnel. Furthermore, attendees will learn how to communicate that information internally to their teams, and externally to their clients, to keep everyone on the same page.

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