The Human Side of Your Crowdfunding Project Backers

Humans Ask Questions.

People are always asking questions, and search engines are designed to answer them. More and more, people are coming to the internet to find these answers. They no longer search for the single term “love”, they look for “What is love?”, and “Where can I find love?”. Your website or ad campaign should be designed to be an answer. If you’re not already using long tail keywords in your PPC strategy, try testing them for increased conversion rates. Imagine you were the customer – what phrases would you use to get your site as a result? (And if you aren’t getting your site as a result, perhaps you need to rethink your understanding of your site’s purpose).

Humans Are Personal, Not Personas.

Marketing has stressed the use of personas as a way to identify a core group of customers to help focus their efforts. While this helps with defining the initial core target, you need to fill in the blanks between the demographics. You can decide that your target is men between the ages of 25 and 35 who like the outdoors, but can you find out more about them? What kinds of questions do they ask? How can you empathize with them and identify their wants and needs, and translate that into a result that satisfies them? Better yet, how can you position your brand to be the answer that they’re looking for? Give your audience a personality, not just a persona.

Humans Tell Stories.

Humans have been telling stories since the dawn of time. Are you telling a story that will captivate your audience? Remember that you only have a few seconds to capture their attention, to interrupt their day with your message, so your story should be compelling. Images are even more important. Did you know that the human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than decoding text? Look at your images objectively and ask yourself if your photo is a simple product image, or are you showing it in action with a lifestyle shot? If you are combining the two, do they work together in harmony or are they offering different messages? Your story should come alive, not bury itself on the back page.

Humans Talk To Each Other.

When you reach out to your audience, speak their language. Is your text dull and boring, or is it carrying a meaningful statement? Don’t be afraid to use contractions if it makes the language flow more smoothly. Are you reacting to the world’s evolving needs, trends and even seasons? Review and refresh your text regularly so your message doesn’t fade out. Even when you are limited by character counts, it’s possible to give your brand the human voice it needs to connect. More importantly, a great connection will cause people to tell their friends, giving you the word-of-mouth edge on a competitor.

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