6 Secrets for Building an Engaged Audience on Social Media

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If you are like a majority of the population, however, you may find it difficult to actually generate an engaged target audience around your product through social media. If so, keep reading –  the tips outlined below will have you well on your way to social media success.

It is no secret that social media platforms, when used properly, are extremely powerful marketing tools. From tech products to digital downloads – and everything in between – you would be hard pressed to find a single type of product that would not benefit from the exposure good social media marketing can deliver.

If you are like a majority of the population, however, you may find it difficult to actually generate an engaged target audience around your product through social media.

If so, keep reading –  the tips outlined below will help you build an engaged audience on social media leading you to social media success.

Choose your Platforms Carefully

Not every business has to sell products on every social platform out there. Certain businesses might do better on sites rich in visuals like Instagram, while others do much better on text-only or text-heavier sites like Twitter.

Do not just jump right in and start promoting your product everywhere. Look at the pages you enjoy and make active observations. If you are comfortable with Instagram, then use that. If you are more comfortable with Twitter, use that.

Widgets and Social Media

Sending traffic to your social media profiles doesn’t have to be difficult. Always add social media widgets to your website. Put your Twitter handle and Facebook URL on your business cards, and in your email signatures. Use in-store flyers to direct customers to your social pages.

Facebook Ads

You can use Facebook to organically grow a following with your page. For example: encourage your more devoted customers to like or follow you and become part of your social media audience. This will help increase your social media following organically. However, while the rise in social media has resulted in a lot of free advertising, you still get what you pay for. If you want to seriously build an audience on Facebook, you need to set aside some funds for Facebook ads.

To improve your reach on Facebook, you’ll most likely need to pay Facebook to promote better growth, using Facebook Ads.

Instagram Ads

Consider using the Instagram ad platform to drive sales. Paid advertising is newer to Instagram than it is to Facebook or Twitter. Just keep in mind that, like its free marketing reach, Instagram sells better when the product or service is presented in a highly visual way.

Create an “Insiders” Community

Customers who like your brand or follow your company on Twitter should be in-the-know about promotions, events, discounts and, most importantly, new products. Social media gives you the chance to show the human side of your business by interacting regularly with your “insiders.”

Use them to promote awareness of a new product. Get their feedback and suggestions. Maybe go so far as to give them early access to something so that they can share it with their respective social media audiences and build your buzz for you.

Perfect Your Timing

The audience you want for your new product is not online from 9-5. They are online during certain hours, so your strategy needs to account for when your audience is accessible to you. Fortunately, Facebook provides insights about when your followers are online. We recommend most companies post daily on their platforms of choice.

Try to post on the weekends as well as weekdays, especially if you are selling a B2C product. If you are off social media from Friday afternoon until Monday morning, you might miss potential business for your new product. Similarly, consider that your insiders might want to use their weekend as the time to rave about your new product so weekends may be a good time to send them a deal or promotion.

Putting it All Together

At the end of the day, there is no “magic formula” to social media marketing success. The good news is that the tips outlined above should give you a good foundation to build upon.

If you are still feeling confused and perhaps even a little overwhelmed, contact us today to learn more about how we can help you build a following online around your products.

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