Command Partners and Enventys Merge


Command Partners and Enventys MergeThe new company can design, prototype, manufacture, fulfill, crowdfund, and market new products – all under one roof In July of 2016, Command Partners – Digital Marketing Firm and Enventys – Product Development Firm j …

Command Partners and Enventys MergeThe new company can design, prototype, manufacture, fulfill, crowdfund, and market new products – all under one roof

In July of 2016, Command Partners – Digital Marketing Firm and Enventys – Product Development Firm joined forces through a vertical merger. Both companies cater to helping entrepreneurs and startups locally and globally; Command Partners focuses on digital marketing for burgeoning companies using crowdfunding and Enventys’ expertise is in product design, engineering, manufacturing and fulfillment.

Founded in 2001, Enventys has taken hundreds of new products through the development lifecycle, including research, prototyping, engineering, branding, software and app development, web design, video production, sourcing and fulfillment. With offices in Charlotte, N.C., California and Taiwan, Enventys is well-positioned to take an idea in its infancy all the way through to a finished, manufactured product.

Some of their most memorable products include The Emery Cat, which works like a nail file for cats; the Donjoy REACTION WEB® Knee Brace, an elastomeric web that pulls pain away from the knee; and the Britax three-piece infant travel system. In addition, Enventys works with North Carolina-based entrepreneurs to start product-based companies, including Hensler Surgical, Innovia Home and Collar Perfect.

“Enventys disrupted the product design industry 15 years ago by integrating design, engineering, and marketing services under one roof,” said Louis Foreman, CEO of Enventys. “With the growing importance of social media marketing and crowdfunding, the path to market is rapidly changing and as we surveyed the landscape for successful crowdfunding marketing groups, we were delighted to find the best of the best in our own backyard. This merger with Command Partners allows us to adhere to our founding vision of providing the expert product resources under one roof with a strong commitment to success.”

Command Partners has raised more than $80,000,000 for their crowdfunding clients and executes strategies that focus on building a community of early adopters and exceeding funding goals on sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. The team at Command Partners ensures their clients succeed financially in moving their business ideas to the next phase of development.

“Louis [Foreman] and I have had a continually growing mutual respect for each other’s businesses over the years,” said Roy Morejon, President of Command Partners. “The more we spoke about our companies’ synergies, the more we realized our services are perfectly complementary, and joining forces will allow us to better serve our clients, from the inception of an idea all the way to marketing and sales of the final product on a global scale.”

The merging of Command Partners and Enventys allows them to better serve their clients, but even more so, it will add a level of trust and transparency in the crowdfunding space. At a time when headlines are regularly made from funded projects, like the Coolest Cooler failing to fulfill rewards to backers in a timely manner, Enventys and Command Partners present a proven track record of product design, fulfillment, manufacturing, marketing and sales that is a much-needed change of pace in the industry. The expertise of both teams will act as a guarantee that products will ship on time and meet and exceed the expectations of early adopters.

This merger will make Enventys and Command Partners the only company offering turnkey solutions for new products. The joint company will provide the following services, among others: marketing research, industrial design, engineering, prototyping, commercialization strategy, software and app development, branding, video production, digital marketing, public relations, search engine marketing, web development, lead generation and more.


Enventys is a Charlotte-based product development and design group offering a comprehensive, expert approach to developing ideas into products. Founded in 2001, the company specializes in research, industrial design, engineering, prototyping, branding, video and software development for a variety of clients, including NASCAR, Bank of America, Britax, Donjoy Global and more. Enventys is the product development arm behind the Emmy award-winning series, Everyday Edisons®. Enventys and sister company Edison Nation are housed within a 100-year-old renovated hosiery mill, equipped with the experts, tools, equipment and technologies to transform ideas into tangible products. Learn more at


Command Partners is a leading, award-winning digital marketing agency that serves clients across the globe and focuses on driving online visibility and lead generation through public relations, social media marketing, search engine optimization and strategic advisory services for startups. Command Partners has received local recognition from the Charlotte Business Journal and also global recognition from Hubspot, where it was named one of the top marketing agencies for startups. The agency was one of the first to enter the crowdfunding sphere and has raised over $80 million for their clients. Command Partners also produces and manages Art of the Kickstart, the leading crowdfunding podcast. To learn more about the company’s results-driven marketing strategies, call 704-910-5727 or visit

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