An Introduction To Plastic Design and Injection-Molded Parts

If you’re new to prototyping and product development you may not realize it, but injection molded parts are truly ubiquitous. They’re cheap to make in large quantities, and it is faster to make complex shapes through injection molding than with other processes. Many of the products we create at Enventys contain at least some injection-molded parts, and we’re well-versed in how to effectively design parts that are both attractive and functional.

To learn more about what injection molding is and some of the most common practices and features, check out our engineer Jeremy Losaw’s blog post for Edison Nation. In it, you’ll learn more about:

  • Why you need a constant wall thickness when working with injection-molded parts
  • What draft is and why it’s needed
  • Undercuts and how to work around them
  • Fastening features such as snap fits and screws
  • Overmolding and how it can help designers incorporate more colors and textures