How to Build Brand Loyalty: 4 Tips for Creating Repeat Customers

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While making the sale is always a good thing, maintaining brand loyalty keeps customers coming back again and again. Unfortunately, it’s getting harder to get repeat customers these days because of an increasingly competitive landscape. In order to turn one-time customers into brand loyalists, check out these tips.

Advice for Creating Brand Loyalty with Your Audience

Since the dawn of the internet, customers’ dedication to brands, even their favorite ones, has been decreasing. A typical consumer now spends more time researching before buying and will switch brands without hesitation if they get a better offer.

​​Despite this increasing difficulty, it’s still important to build loyalty since repeat customers are more profitable. Not only do they make more frequent purchases and spend more, but they are also cheaper to market to.

To establish more brand loyalty with your target market, check out these four tips.


1) Create quality products that deliver on your brand’s promises.

Maintain transparency.

An obvious way to build brand loyalty is delivering on everything you promised to it’s highest standard. If you can exceed your customer’s expectations, there will be no reason for your client to look at your competitors.

However, some issues, like shipping delays and manufacturing defects, can happen that are outside of your control. Here, it’s important to be honest with the customer and remedy the situation as quickly as possible.

Expand your product line.

Selling an upgraded version of your product or additional items that are meant to be used with your primary product has the potential to increase your customer’s overall spend and gives them a reason to keep coming back again and again.

It’s important to promote your upsells in a variety of ways, like email blasts, social media updates, or even through a “Suggested Items Others Purchased” widget on your website’s checkout page.


2) Listen to your customers to understand them.

Committing to regular, two-way conversations with customers helps strengthen the bond between them and your brand. Doing this will also give you ideas for how you can improve your products and sell to different audiences.

Invest in customer service.

Provide ways for your customers to reach you with any problems they may have with your product. Whether it’s through a social media DM, Live Chat capabilities, or just a company email address, it’s crucial to have a dedicated support team so you’re able to get back to them as quickly as possible with solutions.

Collect user-generated content.

After someone purchases your product, it’s a good idea to reach out to them asking for a review. Just keep in mind the lifecycle of your product. That way you’re able to give customers enough time to experience the promised results so they can provide either positive feedback or constructive criticism.

Another way to get information about your brand is through user-generated photos and videos. Through social media, it’s easy to ask and obtain content from consumers enjoying your product. You can use these still or motion images by resharing or directly in your brand’s messaging through other marketing channels.


3) Aim to be a thought leader in your industry.

Being a thought leader means being knowledgeable about your industry and how your product aligns with it. If you’re genuine and consistent in sharing this knowledge, customers will not only keep your brand top of mind, but it will also create trust between them and your organization.

Create original content.

Original content, as opposed to curated content from outside sources, keeps your audience grounded in your website and social media pages. Providing informative and sharable imagery, blogs, and testimonial videos, to name a few, not only keeps customers from getting distracted by others in the industry but also reminds them that your brand is relevant and in it for the long haul.

Consider influencer marketing.

It’s a good idea to partner with influencers in your industry that fit with your brand. They can help promote your products so customers can see your popularity within your specific niche and marketplace. When someone else promotes your brand, you reach a heightened level of trust with your customers.


4) Reward those who are willing to give their loyalty.

Incentives, like improved prices or first access to sales, can go a long way with existing consumers. You can also create loyalty programs like frequent customer punch passes and monthly delivery subscription plans if it makes sense for your product.

Even incentivizing email subscribers or social media followers with rewards like exclusive content can help build brand loyalty among those not ready to commit to purchasing your product just yet, especially if it has a higher price point.


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