Hiring An Enterprise SEO Agency

Stop me if you’ve heard this one- the marketing landscape is changing.

Traditional marketing strategies can be costly. As we become increasingly more connected, internet marketing is shifting more into focus. Now, we see many companies also implementing one or more search marketing campaigns to accompany their traditional marketing strategies.

However, for reasons unbeknownst to them, many of these companies are also being constantly outranked by their competition. Many in-house marketing teams, while being well versed in traditional marketing strategies, aren’t nearly as experienced in the worlds of search and content marketing and can’t explain the reasons behind a search rankings slide.

That’s where independent search marketing firms who specialize in enterprise SEO come in.

Wait, what exactly is enterprise SEO?

Okay. So here’s the easy way to look at it: the general rule of thumb is “enterprise company = insanely large corporation”. Fortune 1000 companies are enterprise companies. Global 2000 companies are enterprise companies.

Enterprise websites are essentially the same. Enterprise websites are those that tend to have thousands of products and tens of thousands of web pages. Because of the sheer amount of products, pages on enterprise websites tend to have to be created dynamically. And, because these pages are created dynamically, traditional SEO practices have to be adapted.

What makes enterprise SEO different than regular SEO?

Enterprise SEO utilizes traditional SEO tactics in a different fashion and applies them at a much larger scale. For example, instead of creating a list of 5-20 keywords for a company to target, enterprise SEOs create keyword lists with thousands of long-tail keywords. Rather than going through and fixing site optimization issues individually, enterprise SEOs develop strategies for optimizing tens of thousands of pages at a single time.

Keyword Research To The Nth Degree

Typically, what we see with many enterprise websites is that they rank rather high for short-tail branded keywords as well as medium-tail keywords that are related to their product or service, yet do next to nothing to target long-tail traffic.

Enterprise SEOs take those short and medium-tail queries and create specialized, targeted lists of long-tail, low-traffic keyword strings. Optimizing your site to catch long-tail traffic is the first step toward raising conversion rates and improving your company’s search rankings.

Doin’ It Big

The key to enterprise SEO is automation. Not automation in the sense that you simply plug in a single, all-encompassing code and let it go to work, but rather personally creating a set of rules that will help in optimizing a page and then applying those set of rules at a macro level.

Enterprise SEOs focus on creating specific, custom sets of rules that can be applied to pages en masse, rather than making page-by-page changes. Meta title tags, descriptions, canonical links, and even URLs can be created dynamically by rules set in place by enterprise SEOs.

Enterprise SEOs also work closely with developers and designers to create specialized coding templates that help ensure that the right content is pulled from the correct database and that it shows up in the right place.

Slogging through thousands of pages one-by-one and making individual changes could take even the most skilled traditional SEO department weeks, even months, to complete. However, by creating correctly formatted automated rules and designing specific custom templates, enterprise SEOs can ensure that all pages follow the same optimized structure without having to dive in and make page-by-page edits.

Unfortunately, because of the in-depth nature of this work, many enterprise companies and websites fail to employ dedicated enterprise SEOs.

That’s where agencies like Enventys Partners come in. Our enterprise SEO services allow marketing executives at large enterprise companies to focus their time and energy on their existing marketing endeavors.