Free Tools to Use for Your Crowdfunding Campaign


The main goal of crowdfunding is to create a unique community of likeminded individuals while generating much-needed revenue and increasing the customer base, quickly and affordably.

Whether you’re a startup or an established company, in order to succeed on Kickstarter or Indiegogo, you’ll need to reach out to your personal and professional networks, ASAP. This could include friends, family, work acquaintances, and more. Once you reach these people organically, it’s time to spread the news to your previously untapped audience.

How do I reach new people?


To successfully crowdfund your new product or expand your product range, promotion is essential. A good promotion strategy for crowdfunding typically requires spending a decent amount of money, from public relations initiatives like paid media placements and influencer marketing partnerships, to Facebook ad strategies, this investment could be invaluable in the end.


A successful public relations initiative is a critical piece of launching a new product or company. Getting your crowdfunding campaign featured in the media — whether it’s a small outlet, social media influencer or top tier publication, can be a massive benefit to your campaign. Public relations is a vital part of getting your information out there — earning media coverage can spread the news much faster than word of mouth. It increases brand visibility, user acquisition, investor interest, and kickstarts your positive reputation.


Most importantly, we recommend using a paid Facebook advertising strategy over other forms of paid advertising to effectively get in front of a highly targeted audience. Based on a combination of geographic and demographic information, and the preferences and likes each user has associated with their Facebook profile, you can identify and serve specific ads to your ideal customer. This intentional push drives more qualified traffic to your crowdfunding campaign page and creates lifelong fans. Facebook ads are vital to your campaign to increase traffic and boost exposure, as well as drive revenue, sales, and leads, allowing you to see an instant return on your investment.

But my main goal is to raise funds…not spend them. How can I promote my project, affordably?


Luckily, there are a few ways you can promote your crowdfunding campaign for free!

Free Tools to Promote Your Crowdfunding Campaign


To save you money, we’ve gathered a list of the best free places to promote your campaign and boost your chances of reaching your target goal and beyond.


If you plan on reaching out to free promotional websites on your own, consider a few key questions:


  • Will their readers like your project?
  • How much traffic does the website get?
  • If it’s a group or membership page, how many people are included?
  • Will the group, forum, or influencer reach prospective backers?
  • Do they have a strong website, newsletter, RSS and social media?


Here is a list of 19 free websites, groups, forums and influencers that freely promote campaigns:


  1. Product Hunt
  2. Kickstarter Forum
  3. Kicktraq
  4. Cool Backer
  5. Bless This Stuff
  6. Killer Startups
  7. Crowd101 blog
  8. The Startup Pitch
  9. All Top Startups
  10. Crowdfunding Your Future
  11. Crowdfunding
  12. Gadget Flow
  13. Hyperstarter
  14. BetaList
  15. Geeky Gadgets
  16. Gajitz
  17. Cool Things
  18. The Awesomer
  19. Not Cot


If you cannot submit your project to one of these forums through an online form, the best way to earn a free placement is to send an email to the main contact email address and creatively pitch your new project. Provide the most relevant and unique information, coordinating links, and supplementary videos and images.


Overall, when it comes to the success of your crowdfunding campaign, time is of the essence. You should create your free promotional outreach strategy early on so that you’re not spending precious time building your outreach list while your campaign is live.


Ultimately, it’s important to understand that properly promoting your crowdfunding campaign requires a mix of free, organic outreach and paid promotional efforts. Implementing these promotional tools takes time and practice, and every campaign and audience is different. If you’re looking for additional help outside of these free services when it comes to promoting and managing your Kickstarter or Indiegogo project, we’re here to help.

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