Five-Star Amazon Reviews: Why They Are Important & How To Earn Them

If you’ve paid attention to the news recently, you’ve learned that Amazon is officially the second public US company to be valued at $1 trillion dollars (behind Apple), and it’s only continuing to grow. If you have an ecommerce business or product, selling on Amazon should be a part of your business model. If you’re not selling on Amazon, you could be missing out on critical revenue opportunities.

Building a listing on Amazon is one thing, but becoming successful on Amazon is an entirely different ballgame. At the end of the day, the higher your profile ranks, the greater chance you have of getting your product in front of your ideal customers. One way to improve your product listing’s rank is through positive product reviews and seller feedback ratings.

Whether you’ve just launched your first Amazon listing or you want to improve your current listing’s rank, we’ll discuss why reviews are so important, how to get four- and five-star reviews on Amazon and what to do if your listing receives a negative review.

Why are Amazon Reviews so Important?

Before we get started, there are two different types of reviews you receive on Amazon – Product Reviews and Seller Feedback – and it’s important to understand the difference between the two.

  • Product Reviews: this refers to the customer’s experience with the product that you sell.
  • Seller Feedback: this refers to the customer’s purchasing experience with you, the seller.

Both types of user feedback impact your listing. Additionally, over 55% of online shoppers begin their product searches on Amazon, often in search of user feedback and reviews for product validation. Positive Amazon reviews are important because they:

  • Improve your listing’s rank
  • Encourage buyers who are on the fence to purchase from you
  • Provide social proof. Users often make purchasing decisions based on others’ product reviews and feedback.

How to Get Five-Star Reviews for Your Listing

While there are a lot of product review strategies out there for general B2C products, not all of them apply to products sold on Amazon, because Amazon has certain rules and regulations in place regarding reviews. At this time, Amazon does not allow sellers to offer money, discounts or promotions in exchange for positive reviews. Keep in mind, you can offer a free product and the customer may leave a review, but you cannot leverage the free product to guarantee a review. However, there are a variety of ways to encourage positive reviews that comply with Amazon’s requirements.

  • Make sure your product listing is honest and accurate. Most users leave negative reviews if they feel they have been misled by a false product description. Check out these tips if you need help writing a product description that converts.
  • Think of the overall customer experience. This refers to your product’s packaging and internal information such as instructions, thank you notes or a note that encourages them to leave a review on Amazon.
  • Utilize a third-party review platform or Amazon review software. Platforms like Feedback Genius or Jump Send are great ways to personalize and manage your review requests. We recommend sending review requests to customers one day after delivery, and then three to five days after delivery and 30 days after delivery if you still have not received feedback from the customer.
  • Hire a customer service manager or dedicate time every day to customer service. Being prepared to answer customer questions via email, social media and more filters out the potential for a negative review to be left on Amazon.
  • Evaluate competitors’ customers. Take a look at “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought” and “Customers Who Viewed This Item Also Viewed.” If they left a high- quality review and their contact info is listed on Amazon, reach out to them and ask if they’d be interested in reviewing your product.
  • If you’re new to Amazon, check out the Early Reviewer Program. If your product listing has less than five reviews and your product costs at least $15, you can sign up for the Early Reviewer Program. Additional fees are required to enroll, so make sure this makes sense for your budget and business.
  • Avoid the desire to seek fake reviews. Not only are they becoming easier to spot, but a false customer review could mislead future customers just like false product description, which could ultimately lead to a negative in the future.

Can You Refute Negative Reviews on Amazon?

The short answer is, sometimes. There are a few instances where you can refute negative feedback. You should be diligent about refuting negative feedback when possible because this will improve your rank. Below, we’ve outlined the types of negative reviews you are able to request for removal.

  • If the review does not fall within what Amazon deems acceptable, like promotions, reviews that have nothing to do with the product, obscene language and more.
  • If you are in the Fulfillment-by-Amazon (FBA) program, meaning Amazon handles the seller’s product storage, order packing and shipping, you can remove any reviews that critique the shipping of the product as this was Amazon’s responsibility and out of your control.
  • If the feedback is left in the wrong place. This is another important time to understand the difference between Product Reviews and Seller Feedback. For example, if a negative product review is left under Seller Feedback, you can request to remove this and vice versa.

Do not refute negative reviews from users who are truly unhappy with the product or post a valid complaint, as Amazon will not remove this feedback.

As you can see, a lot is required to ensure you’re earning the best reviews possible. If you need help garnering positive reviews on Amazon, we’re the experts! Get in touch today to learn more about how we can help you sell your product on Amazon.