8 Essential Email Marketing Tools of 2021

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If email marketing is part of your overall marketing and communication strategy, don’t waste time with tedious tasks. Check out this list of Enventys Partners’ favorite tools that make creating, sending, and analyzing emails a breeze.

The Best Tools for Email Marketing in 2021

As a powerful marketing channel, email can offer substantial support to your overall communication strategy. However, these days, email marketing is so much more than typing copy and hitting send. Whether you’re in crowdfunding, business-to-business, or something else, check out these eight essential tools to get the most out of your email marketing efforts.

1. Mailchimp  

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At the top of the list is Mailchimp, Enventys Partners’ preferred email service provider. Not only is it great for email but so much more since Mailchimp is continually expanding its functionality. As one of the first Mailchimp Pro Partners, Enventys Partners loves the ability to link to our client accounts, easily share templates, quickly create email campaigns, and track results. Mailchimp also integrates with other platforms, including Viral Loops for contests, Google Analytics, Facebook, and others. 

2. OptinMonster

Want to capture data about your audiences? OptinMonster is our preferred platform for integrating dynamic data capture forms on our client’s web properties. Through this platform, it’s easy to create pop-up forms, exit intent, floating bars, and other highly engaging displays to engage site visitors and capture their information.

3. Survey Monkey & Typeform

Survey Monkey and Typeform are Enventys Partners’ favorite survey tools. As a way to get feedback from your target audience, surveys can inform the changes you make to your marketing strategy. You can also use survey results as a way to segment your email subscriber list based on their answers.

4. MotionMail

MotionMail provides an inexpensive way to include countdown clocks in your email campaigns. Enventys Partners use these dynamic timers as a technique to generate excitement for campaign launches and events.

5. Eventable

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Eventable makes it easy to generate “add to calendar” invitations and include them in your emails. We’ve found that when a subscriber takes this step they are three times more likely to attend the event than by simply linking from an email.

6. Litmus

Providing an email developer’s peace of mind, Litmus offers ways to test your email campaign’s display, including desktop, webmail, and mobile versions. They also provide additional tools to check links, troubleshoot, get approvals, and more.

7. InboxMonster

InboxMonster provides tools to monitor the effectiveness of your emails reaching subscribers’ inboxes. As email deliverability becomes more and more difficult, this is a recent platform that’s proved extremely valuable to email marketers.

8. Google Postmaster Tools

Straight from Gmail, Google Postmaster Tools provides direct access to a brand’s reputation, deliverability, security and performance diagnostics about their email domains and IPs. This free tool provided by Google is also extremely helpful in troubleshooting deliverability issues.

Enventys Partners Knows Email Marketing

For more in-depth email marketing assistance, get in touch with Enventys Partners. We know how to expand email databases in order to gain leads, increase sales and improve customer relationships. 

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