Crowdfunding Landing Pages and Conversion Optimization

Long before your crowdfunding campaign goes live, you’ll want to have your landing page ready to go. While it might seem like a perfunctory part of your campaign, how your landing page is designed can make or break the foundation of your campaign. Since the idea is to create a page that attracts potential backers, you want to spend a good amount of time and effort creating crowdfunding landing pages that will connect with as many people as possible before you launch.

Captivate Your Reader

To attract attention, write a good headline. Make sure it’s simple, compelling and descriptive. You want readers to know exactly what your product is and how it solves a problem they have in order to make them want to learn more about it.

Next, write concise supporting information. Why should the reader be interested in your product? Describe exactly what your product is and the benefits it offers, using bullet points where possible. We recommend not over-explaining; your goal at this point is to make your readers intrigued enough to want to request more information from you.

Showcase Your Product

Casual website browsers are more inclined to stay on pages that offer imagery, so use your landing page to showcase your project through photos, graphics and, if possible, video. Be sure your pictures are clear and high-quality. If you use video, ensure it is crisp, easy-to-follow and to the point; attention spans for video are short. As you create a script for your video, keep in mind that storytelling can go a long way.

Strive for Leads

Gathering leads is a critical part of your landing page. In fact, it’s typically the most important part of the pre-launch phase of a crowdfunding campaign. Your landing page should be designed in such a way as to convince people to want to sign up for more information. Here are a few ways to entice them to do that:

  • Host a giveaway of your product by offering people who enter their email address a chance to win.
  • If you are unable to offer giveaways, offer benefits such as “early bird savings” or other discounts.
  • Offer a referral benefit to readers who sign up and share your page.
  • Position your sign-up box carefully; we suggest you place it at the top of the page, above the fold.

Creating a sign-up box using these tips will help yield a large pool of interested people when your campaign launches. We can help you with the more specific details of finding the right sign-up box design and format to draw attention.

Facebook Ads

After your page has been created, your last step is to get people to visit it. Facebook Ads are an ideal investment because they ensures the right people are targeted by location, interest and demographics. By targeting people who are more likely to click the ad, you’re more likely to get leads when they arrive on your optimized landing page.

Remember, the goal of your landing page is to gain conversions. We can help make sure your landing page looks professional and establishes trust with your potential customers. Here at Enventys Partners, we work hard to help our customers accomplish their dreams. Our approach to product research and marketing strategy is designed to deliver exceptional results. Contact us today for a quote!

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