What to Consider When Designing Graphics For Crowdfunding Campaigns


For this blog post in our series featuring tips from the pros, I interviewed Angela Kotsokalis, our lead designer here at Enventys Partners, about what to consider when designing graphics for crowdfunding campaigns, in order to make your campaign a suc …

For this blog post in our series featuring tips from the pros, I interviewed Angela Kotsokalis, our lead designer here at Enventys Partners, about what to consider when designing graphics for crowdfunding campaigns, in order to make your campaign a success.

Design is a critical part of any crowdfunding campaign. It’s a part of what paints the whole picture of your product or company. Good design will build your credibility, while bad design can ruin your campaign’s chances of success.

First and foremost, be strategic when designing for your campaign to keep your audience engaged and happy. This goes for all phases of your campaign, from initial pre-launch to delivery. Keep your brand cohesive across all platforms to make a permanent impression to your backers.

What Types of Graphics and Designs Do I Need for a Crowdfunding Campaign?

As you’re planning your crowdfunding campaign, keep in mind you’ll need a wide array of graphics and designs.

As with any business venture, you’ll need brand assets – logos, renderings, photos and more. This needs to come first. Once you have your basic assets finalized, you can move on to the design work.

You’ll need to create compelling images and graphics for Facebook ads for Kickstarter. Here are the guidelines Facebook puts forth for ads:

  • Image size: 1,200 x 628 pixels
  • Image ratio: 1.9:1
  • Text: 90 characters
  • Headline: 25 characters
  • Link description: 30 characters
  • Your image may not include more than 20% text.

Facebook ad images and other graphics for social networks are very important, as social media tends to be a primary way to find backers. These graphics should be creative and encourage others to engage with your project.

In addition to social designs, you’ll need Kicktraq banner ads (for Kickstarter projects), infographics, email headers, and website graphics to keep your backers and potential backers updated on the progress of the project, and, most importantly, graphics for your campaign page.

Using Graphics to Design a Cohesive Crowdfunding Campaign Page

Successful crowdfunding projects have great graphics – it’s something we see over and over again. Graphics bring your project to life and help create an informative and interesting campaign page.

What kind of graphics should you include on your campaign page? At a bare minimum, make sure you have:

  • Video cover photo to act as a preview image for the campaign – this should show off the product
  • Headers for different sections in whatever font(s) your brand uses
  • Calls to action and buttons asking people to back the project or share with their friends
  • Animated GIFs showing how the product works
  • A list of rewards/perks showing what the rewards include
  • Specs/features/benefits displayed in way that makes sense for the project – consider a grid, a list or a diagram
  • Timeline of the project, from when the idea first came to you, through to manufacturing and shipping
  • Campaign updates, such as images of any stretch goals

There’s no set number for how many graphics you should aim to include on your campaign page, but our designer recommends having at least one graphic or image for each section. Make sure you have quality images to tell your story, since people tend to respond better to content that is visually appealing.

An important part of telling this story is using graphics to display your rewards. Create a chart or grid that includes the title of the reward and a short description, the number of backers entitled to the reward (unlimited, limit: 500, etc.), an image of each reward, and the price. In terms of price, show both the discounted crowdfunding price and what the price will be after the campaign ends, if you already know the future price.

In addition to graphics and designs, be sure to include high-quality pictures, including both product shots and lifestyle photos. Use professional-quality photography so that your backers can get a feel for the product in a real-world environment. Use these photos to tell your product’s story throughout the page, and remember to not let your project get lost in the background noise of a busy page!

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