What Content Should be on the Home Page of your Ecommerce Website?


What content should be on your homepage to turn browsers into buyers? Your ecommerce website is one of the first places a potential costumer will encounter your brand. Here’s the best content to feature on your home page in order to attract new sales.

Top Ecommerce Copy to Feature on your Website’s Front Page

Your ecommerce website is an opportunity to tell the story of your company and its mission. Because the home page is where most people will begin reading about your business, it’s important to make a strong first impression. Below is the best content to include on the front page of your ecommerce site.

Value Proposition

What do you do, and why do you do it better? What makes your brand valuable to prospective shoppers? How do you stand out among your competitors? Your ecommerce brand’s value proposition is the key takeaway your target audience should remember most about you. Keep it short and sweet, as well as above the fold or the top part of your home page before a reader starts scrolling.


Recommending products throughout your homepage gives shoppers an idea of what your brand has to offer. By providing them with insider information on what sells the best, your helping them make a purchase decision all without leaving the front page of your website.

Testimonials and Reviews

Consider highlighting a happy customer to instill authenticity about everything else you claim on your home page. It’s a good idea to feature one or two quotes along with real customer images and a call-to-action button that leads to a customer testimonial page.


Whether to purchase a product or service, gain information, sign up for your newsletter or something else, people are on your ecommerce site for a reason. To make it easy on them, position call-to-action buttons abundantly throughout your home page so they have plenty of chances to explore other parts of your website or brand channels.

Sales and Specials

Everybody loves a bargain, so put it right out there in front. Feature your current deals and specials (like free shipping) prominently on the homepage, and add a call-to-action button for separate sales or specials pages. Some customers go directly to the sale/clearance rack when visiting a site.

Banners or Carousels

Dynamic banners (or carousels) can display sales and specials as well as products and categories. If your brand has a vast product portfolio, banners or carousels allow you to showcase tons of items above the page fold. These dynamic elements help catch your visitors’ attention.

Footer Information

It’s common practice to have important information and links in the footer. This can include your brand’s refund policy, copyright information, accepted payment methods, social media icons, contact info, page links, verified certification stickers and more. Doing this makes your brand easier to navigate as it provides the most basic details a customer needs to make a purchase.

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