CES Day 3 Recap – January 10, 2019


The Enventys Partners team spent day three of CES exploring Eureka Park, checking out new sleep tech products and more.

Trend of the Day

Sleep tech truly is everywhere. Not only does the industry have its own marketplace at CES, but there are many startup companies in Eureka Park focused on bringing consumers a better night’s sleep. From sound machines to innovative beds to wearables and more, sleep tech is a major industry seeing huge innovations.

Client Spotlight

Pix, creator of a customizable, techy backpack that we helped crowdfund on Kickstarter in 2018, won Indiegogo’s entrepreneur pitch contest today! Make sure you stop by booth #52957 to check it out, or come see their backpack in the Enventys Partners booth!

Kegg, a current Enventys Partners client and HAX company, won $10,000 in Trend Forward Capital’s Forward Thinker Competition for their fertility-tracking kegel device. We’re excited to see where this company will go in 2019.

Three Booths You Need to Visit

  1. HAX. HAX is a hardware accelerator based in Shenzhen and San Francisco and their booth is filled to the brim with some of the most exciting new hardware and consumer products. Make some time to visit their booth and see what they are putting out in 2019!
  2. Hardware Club. Hardware Club’s area is one you won’t want to miss! It’s full of sleek, exciting new products, including former Enventys Partners client Soundbrenner. Stop by Eureka Park and see what these startups are doing!
  3. Arrow. Arrow Electronics has joined forces with  Indiegogo to create a megabooth in the center of Eureka Park, and you’ll definitely want to pay it a visit. Bonus: they are giving out free Arduinos to booth visitors!

Other Updates From Day Three

If you haven’t had a chance to stop by our booth in Eureka Park yet, make sure you do so on Friday! Members of our sales team will be there all day to answer your questions and talk to you about how we can partner to help you successfully launch a new product. Finds us at booth #52728.

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