CES Day 2 Recap – January 9, 2019


The Enventys Partners team spent day two of CES visiting many of the marketplaces, checking out major brands’ new products.

Trend of the Day

So far, it appears that every major industry at CES is taking advantage of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), through both their products and their demonstrations. From simulators for every sport imaginable to VR displays, the uses for AR and VR are seemingly endless. If you’re looking to introduce something completely new in 2019, consider taking advantage of this fun and exciting technology.

Client Spotlight

We’ve worked with Clairy on two Kickstarter campaigns and were excited to see them at CES this week! In 2016 we raised €231,543 for Clairy’s first Kickstarter campaign, and in 2018 we raised €765,265 for their follow up product, NATEDE. Stop by booth 40724 to check out the innovative way they are bringing cleaner air to the world.

Three Booths You Need to Visit

  1. Kohler. They are making bathrooms smarter and more functional than ever. Find them at booth 40724.
  2. Whirlpool. If you want to make your kitchen smarter, they have everything you could possibly want. Stop by booth 41925 and check it out!
  3. The sports tech marketplace. Take a few minutes to have some fun with the sports simulators! Find them in Sands, Level 2.

Other Updates From Day Two

Enventys Partners presented the NICE Awards to 11 highly-deserving companies that are breaking barriers in their industry with unique, innovative consumer products. The 2019 NICE Award winners are: Clairy, Fromaggio, Lynq, Mobile Pixels’ Duex, Mycroft, Nemeio, Nuka, Pix, Solaari, Soundbrenner and Tinkamo.






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