Best WordPress Plugins and Shopify Integrations for Ecommerce Sites


Building, maintaining and marketing a successful ecommerce store is a complex task. Fortunately, there are many Wordpress plugins and Shopify integrations that can simplify the process of successfully managing and marketing an ecommerce site.

Building, maintaining and marketing a successful ecommerce store is a complex task. From making sure the site is running properly to increasing site visitors to managing customer service, a lot goes into an ecommerce store’s success. Fortunately, there are many WordPress plugins and Shopify integrations that can simplify the process of successfully managing and marketing an ecommerce site.

Below you’ll find some of our favorite ecommerce plugins and Shopify integrations, broken down by category.

Lead Generation, Cart Abandonment and Email Marketing Plugins


Wheelio is a gamified pop-up plugin available for Shopify sites. This popup allows site visitors to “spin the wheel” and unlock a special bonus or coupon that they can claim by entering their email. If you’re struggling to gather leads or acquire customers and you have a fun, engaging brand, Wheelio can be a great tool for your site.


OptinMonster is a conversion optimization and lead generation software designed to reduce cart abandonment and turn site visitors into subscribers and customers. Whether you need to build a form, add a pop up, set up gated content or precisely target your visitors, OptinMonster can handle it for you.


Similar to OptinMonster, Privy is a powerful plugin that helps manage popups and reduce cart abandonment in order to increase sales. If you’re struggling to grow your email list or suffering from cart abandonment on your ecommerce store, Privy can be a great way to increase your site’s performance and boost your sales.

Mailchimp for Shopify and Woocommerce

Mailchimp is our favorite email marketing platform for smaller ecommerce businesses, and Mailchimp’s integrations for ecommerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce are no exception. If you want to make your Mailchimp campaigns even more effective, try out these integrations – and if you need even more help, we’re certified Mailchimp experts!

PopUp Pro

PopUp Pro is a part of WPMU DEV, and this plugin makes it easy to create beautiful, custom popups to grow your email list, keep your users on site and share targeted messages.

Retention Rocket

Retention Rocket is another Shopify app that helps decrease cart abandonment. This one works by making it easier for ecommerce businesses to follow up with customers who leave their site without purchasing anything.

Customer Service Plugins


Your current customers can do more to make or break your business’ success than any marketing campaign, and Yotpo makes it simple to partner with them to grow your business. With the Yotpo Shopify or WooCommerce integration, you can display customer photos, collect reviews and ratings, build loyalty and referral programs, and much more in order to gather more customers and increase your sales.

Advertising Plugins

Flexify: Facebook Product Feed

Flexify is a Shopify app that helps you seamlessly sync your product catalog to Facebook’s Business Manager so that you can promote your products using dynamic product ads on Facebook.

Facebook for WooCommerce

Facebook for WooCommerce offers two primary functionalities. First, it improves your Facebook Ads’ performance by assisting with remarketing, connecting your product catalog for use in your ads, measuring ads’ effectiveness and more. Second, it allows you to create an online store on Facebook and Instagram so users can shop more easily directly on your social media accounts.

Google Shopping

The Google Shopping Feed for Shopify is key if you hope to use Google to sell your store’s products. The app creates and updates your product feed and uploads it to your Merchant Center Account, optimizes Google Smart Shopping campaigns and tracks performance. Google Smart Shopping campaigns use automated bidding and ad placement to display your products across Google’s networks to interested shoppers.

Google Product Feed for WooCommerce

The Google Product Feed extension makes it easy for you to send product information to Google Merchant Center, which is necessary for setting up Product Ads. If your store uses WooCommerce, this one is key.

ManyChat and WP-Chatbot

If you’re looking to up your Facebook Messenger game and gather more leads that way, check out ManyChat. The software does way more than we could dive into here, but in short it allows you to create a Facebook Messenger bot to grow your subscribers and automate your social media marketing. Another great, similar option is MobileMonkey’s WP-Chatbot.

Analytics Plugins

WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration

Good analytical data is important if you want your ecommerce business to grow, and the WooCommerce Google Analytics integration makes ecommerce tracking easy by connecting your store to your Google Analytics account.

Site Performance Plugins

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a WordPress plugin that handles all aspects of search engine optimization to increase your website traffic. The platform can manage keyword optimization, redirects, internal linking and much more, in order to make sure that your site is operating at its fullest potential and driving the most sales.

Hummingbird Pro

Hummingbird Pro is a performance optimization plugin that improves page speed through optimizing file compression, caching and more. Slow page load times can translate into lost customers, so using Hummingbird Pro can ensure you’re continuing to maximize your sales.

Smush Pro

Smush Pro is an image optimization plugin that improves site performance by compressing files. This will help your site load faster, making it more user-friendly – translating into increased time on site and increased sales.

Robot Ninja

Robot Ninja is an automated checkout testing platform for WooCommerce sites, and is a great tool for making sure your store is always up and running. From testing product pages to checkouts and more, Robot Ninja is the key to ensuring you never miss a sale.

Bonus: WPMU Dev Plugin Suite

Several of the plugins we’ve mentioned here are part of the WPMU Dev plugin suite. If you’re building a site using WordPress and WooCommerce, we highly recommend checking out these plugins to see how they can improve your website’s performance.

If this roundup of ecommerce plugins feels more overwhelming than helpful, that’s okay – we can help! Get in touch today to request a quote and learn more about how we can help you grow your ecommerce store and hit your sales goals.

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