Add a New Listing on Amazon? Here’s What You Should do to Increase Your Rank

If you’ve added a new listing to Amazon, you’re probably ready to hit the ground running, but there are a few things you should do or plan on doing to create a strong foundation for the future of your listing.

To start, the two things you should be concerned about are protecting your brand and executing initiatives that will build your brand and increase sales.

Register Your Brand

If possible, register your brand on Amazon through the Brand Registry program. This requires an active registered trademark for your brand name. If you have this, you are able to protect your brand on Amazon and post enhanced brand content like a customized product listing. Historical data has also shown that Amazon’s Brand Registry can increase a product’s sales.

Conduct Keyword Research For Your Product Listing And Amazon Ads

Before you start promoting your listing, you should double check that your content is as strong as possible. Writing a keyword-centric product listing and description for Amazon’s A9 algorithm is an important part of any listing. To make sure you’re attracting the right customers through keywords, your product listing needs to be accurate and keyword heavy. Amazon, however, is unlike Google in how keywords work. Here’s how to write a product listing that converts.

When it comes to researching keywords for your Amazon ads, there are similar rules to product listing keywords, but you should conduct keyword research and test a few different ad sets to ensure you’re running the highest-converting ads possible.

Sign up For the Early Review Program

In order to participate in the Early Reviewer Program, your product must cost at least $15 and have less than five reviews. The Early Reviewer Program randomly incentivizes customers with a history of leaving thorough reviews to review your product. Reviews can drastically help or hurt a listing, and having no reviews at all can have a negative impact on how Amazon ranks your product. Additional fees are required to enroll, so make sure this makes sense for your budget and business, but garnering reviews as early as possible is incredibly important.

Launch Giveaways or Offer Discounts

This next step should be approached after analyzing your budget and forecasting what your business can afford to risk. When launching a new product on Amazon, sellers often utilize tactics that increase their sales velocity, understanding that they may not make a profit initially. By offering sales or giveaways on your new listing, you have the potential to garner the attention of new customers and increase sales, which could result in honest reviews. A high-quality review can increase your product’s rank.

Try to Win the Buy Box

The Buy Box is the white box to the right of the Amazon listing that allows the shopper to immediately add your item to their cart. If you aren’t the only seller selling the product on your listing, you’ll need to strategically compete with other sellers for the Buy Box, as having the Buy Box can make or break a sale. While there are a variety of factors that contribute to winning the Buy Box, the two main factors that are taken into consideration are price and fulfillment. If your listing is the most competitive in those spaces compared to other sellers who are selling the same product, then you’ll likely win the Buy Box.

While there are a variety of factors that play into how your product listing ranks on Amazon, front-loading your strategy for your new product listing with these tips will help launch your listing to success. If you need help launching your new product on Amazon, we’re the experts! Get in touch today to learn more about how we can help you sell your product on Amazon.