Marketing Design Trends of 2022 | Part 2: Maximalism

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Why maximize space? Competing brands and short attention spans mean there’s the option to stand out and SHOUT your design… albeit thoughtfully. In this two-part ‘22 trends series, we first advocated why minimalism works. Now, discover how embracing more design choices and breaking more design rules may elevate, embolden or even enlighten your marketing message.

The Spectrum of Design Trends in 2022

In part one of this series, we analyzed how minimalism can be introduced as part of your brand’s visual identity. While classy and a crowd-pleaser, minimalism is certainly not the only design trend that can not only spruce up your visual optics but go as far as express more of our brand story and stand out in a crowded industry. Discover how to make maximalism enrichen the emotional impact of your marketing message.


Marketing Design Trends of 2022 | Part 2: Maximalism


Pull out all the stops—with Maximalism.

Revived from the mundanity of pandemic-ensuing isolation, maximalism is visual escapism that merges unexpected media to liven up emotions or even tell a story. Maximalist marketing designs intend to cultivate niche audiences who fiercely align with a bold or provocative narrative. The extremity of the maximalist style aims to bring light in dark places and reclaim one’s power to take up space.


Marketing Design Trends of 2022 | Part 2: Maximalism


Maximization of Digital Space

Whether aiming for playful and energetic or powerful and inspiring, maximalism embraces excess and celebrates optical sensory overloads. Through a combination of over-the-top bold colors, contrasting patterns, layered images and dramatic details, maximalism can incorporate a variety of mixed media including but not limited to illustration, photography and 3D.


Marketing Design Trends of 2022 | 3D Typography


Max Out Responsibly

Maximalism is immersive at its best but, at its worst, confusing, so carefully consider the following. Depending on how you maximize the space, take heed that could require multiple highly-skilled designers with technical expertise. It’s also important to note that maximalism can come across as superfluous if your brand’s identity or mission doesn’t match the intensity of the design movement.


Marketing Design Trends of 2022 | Dropbox Maximalist Design Fail


Maximize with Realism

High-level maximalist experimentations blend the mechanics of design, 3D icons, and abstract surrealism to create futuristic musings, bizarre landscapes, fantastic dreams, or terrifying nightmares that are clearly unnatural yet utterly captivating.


Marketing Design Trends of 2022 | Part 2: Maximalism


Get Distinct with Anti Design

The combative and more complex subgroup of maximalism is the Anti-Design Movement. Given how homogenous the digital landscape has become of late, everyday design is bound to get disrupted with clashing colors, asymmetry, mixed typeface, and challenged design fundamentals. While the motto is it’s “so bad it’s good,” don’t be fooled to think that composition and layout weren’t heavily calculated.


Marketing Design Trends of 2022 | Anti Design


The Future in Microinteractions

Microinteractions act as interface enhancements to help users navigate a website or app. Sound and visual effects not only add panache but also prompt the user with stylistic cues to engage in clickable opportunities. The colors used are important since they bring meaning to the elements of the interface. Take microinteractions a step further with animation for better engagement and to distinguish your brand from the competition.



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