Marketing Design Trends of 2022 | Part 1: Minimalism

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Design trends of 2022 boil down to two sides of the same coin: minimalism and maximalism. What does “less is more” and “more is more” mean for marketing in the new year? In this two-part series, discover the key elements that distinguish these modern design movements.

Popular Design Themes of 2022

Some brands are walking into the new year while looking both ways. Others are marching full steam ahead. Depending on their core messaging, new and established companies alike are drawing elements from minimalism and maximalism. Starting with the “less is more” theme, mull over the following 2022 design trends.


Marketing Design Trends of 2022 | Part 1: Minimalism


Part 1: Minimalism is the New Normal

Let’s get right to the point with minimalism. The pandemic has caused global loss, isolation and pessimism. In reaction to such sudden melancholy, people are craving comfort, the familiar, and no-fuss consistency. This has led marketers to adopt sensitive, optimistic, and even playful attitudes in the copy in addition to the visuals.


Marketing Design Trends of 2022 | Part 1: Minimalism


White Space is Key

As the swiss army knife of design themes, minimalism allows viewers to grasp messages and images with minimal effort. It’s perfect for diverse audiences since the abundant white space dials back the distractions, letting simple yet perfectly-placed illustrations and text take center stage.


Marketing Design Trends of 2022 | Part 1: Minimalism


Purposeful Line Work

While flat and non-realistic, minimalist renderings must be instantly recognizable. Ranging from sharp geometric to curvy organic line work, minimalism breathes fresh air in an overcomplicated world, allowing small yet paramount elements to politely call the viewer’s attention.


Marketing Design Trends of 2022 | Part 1: Minimalism


No-Fuss Typography

Established brands, noticeably luxurious ones, are now sporting a more casual look, perhaps even dusting off an already-worn logo from back in the day. This back-to-basics moment for companies not only makes them seem more approachable but also it’s practical in terms of scalability for various marketing materials.

Marketing Design Trends of 2022 | Part 1: Minimalism

The National Gallery of Art’s logo was updated from the eagle image circled in text to the simple typeface design on the right.

Color with Caution

Color is incredibly important in minimalism because it helps the viewer navigate the expansive white space. While it’s possible to use any hue across the spectrum, stick to a select few from the same tonal family and incorporate sparingly in a well-positioned color splash. Take minimalism a step further by using lighter, brighter colors that don’t contrast the white space as much.


Marketing Design Trends of 2022 | Part 1: Minimalism



Natural Texture

Going hand-in-hand with sustainability themes, minimalism can be enhanced through texture. Use natural or organic patterns and finishes when crafting not only the marketing materials but also the packaging and product, itself.


Marketing Design Trends of 2022 | Part 1: Minimalism


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