Iteration is key, so we’ll help you get there.


For quality prototypes, rely on the product development team at Enventys Partners – we are proud of our ability to rapidly create functional, highly-aesthetic and refined product prototypes in-house using our own equipment.

Prototyping is an important part of the product development lifecycle because it determines the feasibility of a given design. Whether you’re in need of proof-of-concept prototyping, a 3D-printed prototype, designs for a demo model, “alpha” or “beta” unit builds, functional prototypes, aesthetic prototypes or something else entirely, our product prototype development team will take care of your model-making and prototyping needs.

What’s more, with offices in Charlotte, NC, Carlsbad, CA and Taichung, Taiwan, we remain in complete control through the entire product prototyping process. We utilize many in-house fabrication processes, including CNC machining, room temperature vulcanized (RTV) molding, thermoforming, 3D printing and laser cutting.

Here at Enventys Partners, we keep your product in-house throughout the entire process from prototyping through manufacturing.