Innovation Starts at CES and Continues
with Enventys Partners

We’re a full-cycle product launch company: product development, crowdfunding and ecommerce.

The Only Agency to Design, Develop, Crowdfund & Sell Consumer Products

For more than 15 years, Enventys Partners has been a leader in the product launch and startup marketing industry. We’ll help design, prototype, market test, crowdfund, manufacture and sell your next big idea. Whether you’re trying to create a new product, bring it to market or reinvigorate your sales, there is no better choice than Enventys Partners.
  • 28 Million-Dollar Crowdfunding Campaigns
  • Over $5 Million of Facebook Advertising Budget Managed
  • $150M+ Raised Through Crowdfunding on Kickstarter & Indiegogo
  • 93% Crowdfunding Success Rate
  • 5 Offices in the US and Taiwan
  • 16 Clients on Shark Tank
  • 700+ Issued Patents
  • 750+ Crowdfunding Projects

Attending CES? Have we got a story for you.

Are you looking for new products to review and cover? We can provide you a list of yet-to-be-released innovations along with access to the people making them a reality.

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Enventys Partners at CES

Booth: Sands, Hall G – 52728
Eureka Park Marketplace


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