Flying Blind

Joe Lemay learned from years of jotting notes in meetings and losing them that there had to be a better way to connect written words and technology. Through exploring this issue, he created Rocketboard, a whiteboard system that utilizes technology to track meeting notes.

Lemay partnered with Joe Epstein and took Rocketboard one step further to create Rocketbook, a spiral-bound notebook with a mobile app that syncs to your preferred cloud service.


Post-Launch Awareness & Customer Acquisition

Rocketbook was unveiled at Launch Festival, which meant there could be no pre-launch, no lead generation or press outreach before launching on Indiegogo. Enventys Partners quickly capitalized on the momentum from the festival to keep the campaign trending for weeks. Enventys Partners created everything from the campaign video, photos, copy and design work, to the media assets and email marketing plans. They also managed the social media accounts, which was crucial to keeping backers and supporters engaged.

The campaign funded quickly, so Enventys Partners came up with a strategy to keep the project going. Rather than simply announcing a stretch goal, Rocketbook created a video asking backers to vote on whether they would rather have a legal pad version of the Rocketbook, or a smaller and sleeker Rocketbook. The smaller Rocketbook Executive won the vote. Enventys Partners kept up the momentum and engagement for the entire campaign through updates, email marketing, flash sales and continued press outreach to land placements late in the campaign.


3,000% Over Goal

Enventys Partners worked to create an Indiegogo project that would be a success as soon as it went live. While working with Enventys Partners, Rocketbook raised $459,569, 3,000% of their $20,000 goal. Our team was also able to get Rocketbook featured in CNET, Uncrate, Gizmodo, PSFK and 10+ others. More than 13K backers were reached and Facebook likes increased by 100%. Rocketbook has since went on to raise more than $800K on Indiegogo InDemand.