Travel LEaders. The #1 Travel Agent Network in the USA



Travel Leaders, a network of travel agents across North America, enlisted Enventys Partners’ assistance managing a variety of Facebook Advertising campaigns. Travel Leaders and Enventys Partners’ goal was to achieve a lower cost per lead compared year over year.


Annual Increase in Leads


Decrease in Cost per Lead

Our Approach

Starting in the first month of the engagement, Enventys Partners chose to focus on optimizing the website rather than making many changes to the ads. The team began with this because ads need a high-quality website to send traffic to; a poorly-optimized website can drastically affect the conversion rates for even the best ads. The Facebook Ads team knew the targeting and ads were already performing well based on experience with similar campaigns. For this reason, the team focused on optimizing the site, then started making changes to the ads and targeting.

The Results

Within a month, Enventys Partners had already cut the cost per lead in half. Leads from Facebook increased 3.5x from the first year to the next. Travel Leaders’ yearly Facebook Ad budget increased by more than 13x, while at the same time, Enventys Partners reduced the overall cost per lead from Facebook by 50%. Travel Leaders is positioned as an authority in the travel industry, thanks to the efforts of Enventys Partners’ Facebook Advertising campaigns.