Thuma: The Modern, Luxury Bedroom Furniture Brand

Thuma, maker of a platform bed frame, approached Enventys Partners for assistance testing initial creative and messaging during their pre-launch campaign.

Specifically, the team at Thuma was looking for the right team to partner with to run a series of advertising tests on Facebook and Google Ads in order to determine benchmark CPAs for their first product: a modern, minimalist, eco-friendly bed frame that assembles in minutes without tools.

Thus, Thuma engaged Enventys Partners’ pay-per-click experts for a one-month PPC market testing campaign.

Our Approach

Thuma had only recently launched their brand online, so there was little historical data from which to draw conclusions and apply data insights for the market testing strategy. However, the client had a strong brand strategy that included consumer personas and brand messaging. This helped to determine the audiences to target (based on interests), the type of images to use and the tone of ad copy.

During the four week market test, Enventys Partners managed Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads. The market test began with campaigns to drive traffic to the site to build retargeting audiences, then the team launched engagement campaigns to gather social proof through ads. In the second and third weeks of testing, the team introduced new creatives, launched retargeting campaigns focusing on “view product”, “add to cart” and “purchasing” conversions, and tested a limited-time offer as well.

The advertising experts targeted Facebook users that were likely to buy based on their interests and behaviors, as well as previous website visitors and lookalike audiences created using the client’s data. Google Ads served to “catch” people that were aware of the brand through a branded search campaigns. The team also set up a shopping campaign to attract customers using the Google shopping feature.


Overall, Enventys Partners achieved a 456.36% ROI across all channels, 5.56 ROAS across all channels and 529K Facebook Ad impressions. Instagram far exceeded expectations, earning 2.6x more in revenue compared to traditional Facebook Ad conversions with an ROAS of almost 8.

Thuma also gained valuable insights into their consumers: which demographic made the most purchases, which demographic showed the most interest, which methods produce the most sales on which platforms, and much more.


Return on Investment

FB Ad Impressions

Return on Ad Spend

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