Sliding Into a Successful Campaign

With all of the talk of internet privacy in the news, Ties den Dekker and Peter van de Rijdt set out to make the internet a safer place for everyone. Tired of seeing webcams covered with taped on sticky notes and makeshift solutions, they developed a better option called Spyslide. They took their design to the Indiegogo platform where they raised $68,428.50.

The Spy-Fy team came to Enventys Partners for Facebook Advertising with only 15 days left in their Indiegogo campaign. From the day the project was taken on, over $38K was raised exceeding their original goal by $32K, but the team did not want to stop there. They developed a custom green version of their webcam cover and took their gadget to Kickstarter.

Our Approach

Gearing Up For Round Two

The Spy-Fy team looked again to Enventys Partners for Facebook Advertising and PR outreach. After evaluating the product and taking insights from the previous campaign, the Enventys Partners paid media team strategized and built out a paid social media plan to maximize audience reach and build awareness. Enventys Partners crafted a targeted media list and outreach campaign to ensure sufficient coverage in various media outlets. These outlets then boosted momentum and funding for the project.

Enventys Partners focused on social media and public relations to raise awareness for Spyslide’s Kickstarter campaign. All teams worked together to maximize reach and help the campaign exceed its funding goal.


Spyslide A Clear Winner On Kickstarter


After launching Spyslide on Kickstarter, it was clear there were some performance differences between platforms. The Spyslide Kickstarter campaign saw a tremendous spike in organic traffic from the Kickstarter community. It was clear that Spyslide was a winner.

The Spyslide Kickstarter campaign saw an overall conversion rate of 6.50% compared to the 4.80% on Indiegogo. Organic traffic was also a big booster on Kickstarter that was somewhat insignificant on the Indiegogo platform. On Kickstarter, Spyslide gained over 5,000 backers from organic traffic compared to the mere 540 backers on Indiegogo.

With the help of Enventy’s Partners, Spyslide went on to raise nearly $145,000 with over 5,900 backers. Together, Enventys Partners and the Spy-Fy team coordinated flash sales, stretch goals, samples for media and more to ensure the campaign received substantial traffic and momentum. The Enventys Partners public relations team was able to secure coverage for the campaign in Geeky Gadgets, The Upscout, PCMag, TrendHunter and other related outlets, which raised around $3,000 overall.

The company grew out to be a successful player in the webcam cover market, and now you can order a Spyslide at

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