Sphericam 2 is the second camera project from creator Jeffrey Martin. With the likes of Oculus Rift and Samsung outbidding each other to create the best VR viewing platforms, Martin realized there was a critical part of the puzzle still missing – how do you create stunning VR content in the first place? Sphericam 2 answers that question. It is a spherical, 360º camera that allows users to capture absolutely everything around them in high resolution without any blind spots.

Full Spectrum PR And Digital Campaign

Having run a successful Kickstarter campaign before, Martin knew he would need assistance gaining awareness for his Kickstarter campaign from the very beginning, so he reached out to Enventys Partners.

After a competitive analysis of similar products on Kickstarter and in the market, Enventys Partners used targeted public relations efforts to reach out to media for coverage, to gain awareness and to drive traffic to the Kickstarter campaign. Additionally, Enventys Partners designed branded backgrounds for social networks and infographics for the Kickstarter page as well as managed social media efforts. The efforts included creating engaging content on social media channels to reach top influencers, resulting in high-profile coverage and continued momentum throughout the crowdfunding campaign.
Aside from PR, crowdfunding and social media efforts, the campaign also utilized digital marketing tactics. Through email marketing the Enventys Partners team kept the audience up to date and engaged through informative emails as well as pay-per-click marketing that optimized placement, keywords, phrasing and budget for several Facebook advertising campaigns to drive email signups and traffic to the campaign page. Efforts also included leveraging the Kickstarter platform to announce stretch goals and upsells to backers, as well as updates that encouraged supporters to share Sphericam’s campaign with their family, friends and networks.


Funding Goals Exceeded By 300%

Enventys Partners worked to create a successful crowdfunding campaign. Sphericam raised 305% of the original funding goal, for a total of $457,881. Enventys Partners secured coverage in TechCrunch, Mashable, VR Focus, LA Times, The Gadget Flow, Digital Trends, The Huffington Post and Tech Times to name a few.

Amount Raised


Percent of Goal

Total Backers

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