Case Study

Sleepout Home

The Background

The Sleepout Team came to us to help crowdfund Sleepout Home, a permanent blackout curtain system.

This was our second crowdfunding effort with the Sleepout team, after helping them successfully crowdfund their flagship product, Sleepout Curtain. Sleepout co-founders Mark Coombs & Hannah Brennan are a Great Resignation success story. The couple left high-paying tech jobs in the beginning of the pandemic to start what is now a million-dollar ecommerce business, selling portable blackout curtains. After more than $1M in sales, they wanted to build on their established market by using crowdfunding again and turned to Enventys Partners to help.


 I can’t say enough about the power of crowdfunding and it’s not necessarily just about getting the money. It’s really about getting the supporters who are going to follow you.

Mark Coombs

Our Approach

The Sleepout team had an internal goal of CA$15K. 

We more than quadrupled it.

We set out to market Sleepout Home, building on the success of the Sleepout Curtain while showcasing its broad appeal to anyone looking for a blackout curtain. Our ads team ran a number of campaigns bringing in more than CA $107K. We also leveraged third party promotions and newsletters to bring in revenue by tapping into other networks of backers. 

ProductHype brought in more than CA $10K. The Sleepout Home team felt confident engaging other promotional services based on the success of their first crowdfunding campaign. This helped place the project in front of a variety of audiences.

For public relations, we leveraged the availability of media samples of their flagship product, the Sleepout Curtain. Public relations was able to build on the credibility of Sleepout’s established brand with appearances in Bloomberg, National Post, Canadian Business, Women’s Health and The Telegraph. 



The Results

Sleepout Home surpassed its funding goal in 10 minutes, and went on to raise CA$ 228,486 with the help of 779 backers.

Once the initial funding goal was reached, the Sleepout Team chose to focus on a consistent ROAS instead of aiming for a max campaign raise. 






Percentage of Goal