Case Study

Sleepout Curtain

The Background

Mark Coombs and Hannah Brennan approached Enventys Partners needing help executing a crowdfunding campaign for their innovative blackout curtain solution. They’d innovated upon traditional blackout curtains with a system that attached it to windows while blocking all light bleeds.


Coombs and Brennan had prior marketing experience and worked collaboratively with our team. Together, we fine-tuned messaging to remain consistent with the Sleepout brand and attract the attention of crowdfunding backers.


“We worked with Enventys Partners for the majority of our campaign and the pre-launch of our campaign. Extremely impressed with the depth of the team, this is a great full-service firm that has expertise in the areas that are critical to crowdfunding.”

Mark Coombs
Sleepout Curtain

Our Approach

Prior to launch, Enventys Partners decided to run a $1 reservation funnel and a standard viral loops pre-launch landing page in tandem. This approach helped us better understand which audiences had customers with genuine interest or merely casual interest in the product. Throughout pre-launch, we fine-tuned messaging that would engage backers during the live campaign.

During pre-launch, our design team build out the campaign page to highlight the key factors that differentiated Sleepout Curtain from other portable blackout curtains on the market. This product faced unique challenges when creating assets. Think about it, how do you showcase a product that, when it works, eliminates light from the room? Creative assets that emphasized “light bleeds” and the lack thereof with Sleepout Curtain proved effective.

Once live, our Facebook ads team ran image ad campaigns separate from the gif and video campaigns. This separation allowed us to leverage several different ads and create multiple touchpoints with potential backers. The Sleepout Curtain team asked mid-campaign to engage additional advertising services, and while that’s not a preferred approach, we allowed it because we were confident that our work would outperform the rest.


“We had heard different things about agencies who were “the best” at running ads for crowdfunding campaigns and actually tested a few different ones – Enventys Partners came out heavily on top for both ROAS results and creative quality.”

The Results

Sleepout Curtain surpassed its funding goal in two hours and went on to raise more than $235,000.

A feature in ProductHype brought in more than $26,000. Throughout our campaign, our Facebook Ads team achieved a 2.84x ROAS.

Total Backers


Percent of Goal

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